Deals: Pay What You Want, Leawo Media-Pro Mac Bundle


Today’s featured deal is a little different than the typical deals we run here on iPad Insight. With the Pay What You Want Bundle, you get 5 game-changing apps to download YouTube videos, digitize your DVDs, record audio and more. If you beat the average price, you’ll unlock additional products and take home the entire bundle! If you make it onto the Leaderboard at any point during the sale you will gain 1 entry to our exclusive giveaway–reach the top, and gain 5 entries total. In addition, 10% of the profit from your purchase goes to support charity!

With each Pay What You Want Bundle, you get something incredible for the price of your choosing. If you beat the average price, you’ll unlock additional products and take home the entire bundle!

Plus, make it onto the Leaderboard at ANY point during the sale and gain 1 entry to our exclusive giveaway! Reach the TOP, and gain 5 entries!

Best of all, 10% of the profit from your purchase goes to support charity! Pay what you want, while making the world a better place.

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Quick Look: Day One 2.0 for iPad


Day One 2.0 hit the App Store this past Thursday for $10, but if you’re fast, you can currently grab it for $5 during its initial launch week sale.

For those not familiar with it, Day One it’s is a great journaling app on iOS and OS X. I’ve used the app for years now to help record how I’ve felt during major milestones in my life, as well as simply recording my day to day. I’m the kind of person who usually issues a blank stare when someone asked how my weekend was, and Day One has helped me drastically increase my recall of recent activities.

Day One 2.0 has expanded on a lot of what was great in the first version. You can now have multiple journals within the app, add up to 10 photos to a single entry, and multi-select entries for batch processing right on the iPad.

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How to monitor battery usage on your iPad


Check this feature off in the very helpful, but wish I would have discovered it sooner category.  Perhaps you were searching for how to turn your battery percentage on in your iPad status bar and were lucky enough to stumble across it sooner than me. No matter how you might, or might not have gotten there, knowing how you spend your valuable iPad battery charge can be very empowering.

To navigate to the battery settings go to Settings–>Battery. Not only can you monitor your battery usage over the last 24 hours, but you can also see a snapshot of what your activity level was over the last 7 days, and the proportion of the battery used by each app you interacted with.  In addition, by selecting the clock icon to the far right of the battery usage menu you can view the actual amount of on screen hours the app was active as well as the amount of time each app was running in the background.

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Deals: Super SaaS 2016 Bundle at 90% off


Today’s featured deal is an essential productivity & security bundle with 5 premier services that will change your life.  They include apps that will help you back-up, organize, secure & make calls better than ever. Sign up now and receive an amazing 90% discount! This is  a great deal that will run you only $59.99 – instead of its standard price of $631!  Here’s some info about the SaaS Bundle, and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

Take a good, hard look at how you allocate your time on the computer with Time Doctor—the app that helps you spend your time wisely. Which applications do you tend to have open? What activities do you do most frequently? Time Doctor will give you the tools to reevaluate and revise how you approach your day, so you can get more done in less time!


  • Helps improve your focus & minimize procrastination
  • Tracks time spent on various activities to improve your time allocation
  • Delivers pop-ups prompting you to return to work when you’re surfing the web
  • Integrates w/ popular management platforms like Asana & Basecamp to track time spent on projects
  • Includes functionality to give clients access to your account
  • Features easy setup process & includes comprehensive customer support
  • Keeps all logged data private w/ top-notch encryption

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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The State of Apple Maps on iOS 9

Apple Maps iOS 9
As a big fan of Google Maps, it took me a while to warm to Apple’s own maps app. The service took a few years before I could really trust its directions or see a good representation of nearby points of interest in Toronto. Thankfully, Maps got a whole lot better in iOS 9 because Apple is listening. I’ve pointed a few Toronto locations out that weren’t showing up properly (unless you searched for them by name), and two weeks later, they were fixed. You don’t get the same email replies that you would if you report something on Google, but as long as the issues are fixed, I’m happy.
The iPad Pro has also had an influence on which maps app I want to use. I defaulted to Google Maps on the iPad Air 2, but iPad Pro support is still lacking. Apple Maps has the advantage here because it’s a system level app. It already looks great on the iPad Pro, and I can keep it open in Split View while I research parks and museums in Safari.

I’d ideally be able to use Apple Maps full time, but there are a few factors to consider.

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iPad App of the Week: CBS Sports


Who doesn’t like great iPad apps? At iPad Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPad app, or a few great iPad apps, here each week.

Our picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every week.  Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is CBS Sports by CBS Interactive. In addition to being able to get immediate access to scores, stats and news, with the CBS Sports for iPad app you can watch Super Bowl 50 LIVE on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 6:30 PM ET. When you set-up the app for the first time you can personalize your experience with your favorite teams from all of your favorite sports.  In addition, with push notifications you will be can be alerted to scores, news and highlights. Continue reading

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Deals: Dundabunga Universal Unipod Stand at 30% off

Dundabunga Universal Unipod Stand

Today’s featured deal is great for all those individuals who love to take their mobile devices with them wherever they go, and use them in unique, creative ways. With the Dundabunga Universal Unipod Stand, you’re only limited by your own imagination. With today’s special offer you can purchase your very own at a 30% discount. This is  a great deal that will run you only $34.99 – instead of its standard price of $50!  Here’s some info about the Dundabunga, and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

This twisty little stand will hold up your smartphone, tablet or camera anywhere you go. Using magnets and flexible materials, it has full 360 degree rotation so you can twist and bend the stand for your device to face any direction you want. Put it in your car, on your kitchen table, outside in the yard, or even wear it on your body.

  • Includes disk to attach your smartphone or tablet to
  • Connects to your devices via magnet for easy removal
  • Features unlimited positions & places to attach
  • Compatible with most all devices

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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(9) of the most useful Safari shortcuts on the iPad

SafariWho doesn’t love a great shortcut?  If there’s an easier way to accomplish a task on my iPad or iPhone, I’m all for it. One of the apps I use the most on my iPad is Safari. From browsing the internet, to blogging on iPad Insight, to managing my finances, Safari on the iPad is a workhorse for me. There are many shortcuts that make your experience on Safari more enjoyable and easier to navigate., While some of these shortcuts might be known to many of us, hopefully you will find a few in this list that haven’t previously known.

Re-order, Dismiss and remotely delete tabs

This shortcut is 3-in-one bonus that makes it easier to keep your Safari tabs in order. After you have launched the Safari app, select the tabs button in the upper right corner of your screen. To re-order your active tabs, tap and hold on any page and move it to the desired order of your choice.  To dismiss a tab, once again select the tabs button in the upper right corner and slide the active page of your choice to the left off the screen.  It will disappear from your active tab window.

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LINE Finally (Properly) Comes to the iPad

LINE universal app

LINE is one of the largest, if not the largest, messaging services out of Japan. It isn’t huge in North America, but it’s pretty big in east Asian countries. I use it to chat with my family on a daily basis. We could technically use other services like Google Hangouts or iMessage, but my mother and sister vastly prefer LINE for the personality it brings to the table.

Before the most recent update, I was ready to leave LINE because of its lackluster support for the iPad. The iPhone app is passable, but the official LINE for iPad app hasn’t seen an update since Oct 2014. It didn’t display at proper resolution on the iPad Pro, and you couldn’t reply to notifications.

It seems as though LINE has chosen to simply ignore the dedicated iPad app and have updated the main app to become universal. LINE is now a decent iOS 9 citizen across all iOS devices: it supports notification replies, and it scales properly for the iPad Pro’s hi-res display. It’s still not a great app, though. It lacks Split View or Slide Over support, and it won’t let you load up directly to the Chats view. It insists on pushing a Facebook/Twitter-esque timeline upon its users, and relegates actual chatting to a secondary “Chats” tab.

However, I stick with LINE because that’s where my family is, and they love LINE for the stickers.

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Deals: The Full Stack iOS 9 School at 80% off


Today’s featured deal is great for all those interested in learning how to design, prototype and develop iOS Apps. Now with the Full Stack iOS 9 School you can learn on your schedule with online classes, and a supportive forum full of answers. With today’s special offer you can sign up now and receive an amazing 80% discount! This is  a great deal that will run you only $39.99 – instead of its standard price of $199!  Here’s some info about Full Stack, and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

In this course from the experts at Makers Cabin, you’ll learn to design and build apps like Uber, Tinder, and Pinterest for Apple devices. Since all the classes are online, you can fit learning the ins and outs of app-building into your own schedule, and access a forum to answer all of your pressing questions. By course’s end, you’ll have created 10 apps and stacked your resume with tangible experience. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

  • Learn the basic principles of design & how to apply them to iOS apps
  • Study app building from idea to creation w/ 16 classes, 100 videos & 30 hours of content
  • Design apps in Sketch 3
  • Learn to prototype in Xcode – so you can build an app without actually building it
  • Build the apps you’ve designed in Swift 2
  • Understand the frameworks & libraries used for iOS coding
  • Enjoy a new course each month
  • Learn at your pace & on your schedule

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Switching back to 2Do from OmniFocus 2

 Returning to 2Do  

I can’t help but feel this is a bit of a “me too” move, but I’ve transferred my tasks from OmniFocus 2 back to 2Do. Federico Viticci of MacStories and Ben Brooks of The Brooks Review recently wrote about their reasons for switching over as newcomers to 2Do, but, to me, it feels like coming home. I’ve long enjoyed using 2Do for task management, but went back to OF2 for a while because of a months-long obsession with night mode.

However, with the advent of Night Shift in 9.3 (which warms the colour temperature of iOS screens in the evening), night mode is no longer paramount in the apps that I use. I’m finding that the warmer tones are making night reading more comfortable, and so I don’t really feel the harshness of the light as much.

My ideal is still to have both Night Shift and a night mode function in an app, but in the absence of the latter in 2Do, I take comfort in knowing that Night Shift will be baked into iOS from 9.3 onwards. Because it’s an OS level feature, I won’t have to worry about 2Do requiring a future update to support it.

As awesome as OmniFocus 2 is, I returned to 2Do for 2Major—er, two major reasons:

  1. The treatment of “Today”
  2. Feature parity across all apps

I’m picky about how I define “Today”. I want a Today view to show tasks that are due (or overdue), but also tasks that are starred or flagged as important. I like the flexibility of this workflow because I can plan specific tasks ahead of time by assigning due dates, but I can also add tasks to my Today view just by flagging them.

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