Dispatch Email App Hits The iPad

Dispatch 3.0 for iPad

I originally bought Dispatch so that I could triage emails on my iPhone a little faster for work. I make heavy use of flags for emails, but I find those often aren’t enough for me, as they don’t have any categories or due dates attached to them. The differentiating factor for Dispatch was that it could share (“dispatch”) entire emails and send them to other apps on my device, which was really handy for quickly turning emails into tasks in Things or 2Do. The catch was that Dispatch was iPhone-only when I bought it, so I couldn’t take advantage of the larger screen on my iPad at work.

That has changed with today’s 3.0 update, which turned Dispatch into a universal app that works on iPhone on iPad. As a result of having owned the previous iPhone-only version, I gained Dispatch on the iPad for free.

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Fun arcade-style racer: Horizon Chase-World Tour for iPad

Horizon Chase is an engaging arcade-style racing game with hints of greater complexity and better graphics baked in. It hits the sweet spot between being too complicated or too simplistic, and has no in-app ads or distractions to detract from your driving enjoyment.

IMG_0636I love driving games, and it seems they bifurcate into two categories: simplistic arcade types like Pole Position, or sophisticated, super-realistic simulations like Real Racing. That’s great when you have a few minutes to kill, or when you’re ready to settle in for the long haul of car configuration, long racing series, and chasing points for a life-long racing career. But what about the in-between times? That’s why I love Horizon Chase: it offers some of each world. In Horizon Chase you’re a race driver starting out his or her career with a basic car and no understanding of what it takes to win. Still, Horizon Chase is fun from the first race, with almost no learning curve. If you’ve played any kind of first-person driver on your iPad, you’ll instantly understand this one.

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Deals: MOTA 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub at 35% off

MOTA 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

Today’s featured deal is for those of you who are looking for a solution to their charging woes.  Now you can plug-In up to 4 separate devices without out the mess and hassle of carrying multiple charging solutions that all use unique chargers.  The MOTA 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub is now on sale at 35% off! It’s a great deal that will run you only $18 – instead of its standard price of $28.

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2Do with Push Sync is Live!

2do push sync update

It took a little longer than the stated two weeks, but 2Do with Push Sync is now live on the App Store. I tested the sync speed earlier this morning at work while I ticked tasks off of my content calendar.

The sync isn’t instantaneous, but it’s reliable. I can complete tasks on my iPhone and have a completely updated 2Do list when I get back to my iPad a few minutes later. I’ve come to expect this kind of data sync from my iPhone and paired Apple Watch, and it’s really great to have it in one of my favourite universal apps.

2Do wasn’t the first to do push sync — OmniFocus and Things got there first — but adding the feature to 2Do really helped to tighten up one of the few remaining weak points of the app: sync speed and consistency. Things is still top notch in terms of syncing speed, but 2Do has closed the gap considerably with today’s update. It has made a great app even easier to rely on.

The only thing that will require some getting used to is the shift of the “new task” button’s location to the bottom of the screen. This makes a lot of sense on the iPhone because you previously had to reach up with your thumb every time you wanted to add a new task, but I’m not sure it fits as well on the iPad where you’d use the device in two hands. I wouldn’t even register this as a complaint — just an observation of how changes can be applied to universal apps in a way that caters more to one device type (the phone) than another (the tablet).

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Quick take: Race the Sun for iPad

IMG_0642Race the Sun is a twitchy endless flyer that is somehow calming at the same time. In the game you pilot a super-fast hovercraft (think one of the speeders from the original Star Wars) across an alien landscape, dodging rocks, boulders, and man-made obstacles to get as far as you can. Your ship is solar-powered, so you need to clear each level, as the sun goes down, before you run out of sunlight. You can pick up extra time by running over “tris” or blue orbs of power. As you clear a level and enter the next, the sun rises again, giving you a new lease on life. The graphics are monochromatic with the exception of the tris and other bonus-providing objects you can run over. The shapes are not-quite-natural geometric forms, and the shapes of the objects and greyscale coloration add a zen-like feeling to the game play.

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Final Fantasy VII Now Available For iPad

final fantasy vii ios

Final Fantasy VII arrived earlier this week, and early reviews on the App Store are calling it a pretty good port. The game first debuted in 1997 and sucked up hundreds of hours of my childhood, and it’s mind boggling to think that it’s now playable on a 9.7″ tablet instead of a dedicated console.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the game supports third-party Bluetooth controllers, so you’re stuck with touchscreen controls if you’d like to play. However, there are a few niceties that have been added to this iOS adaptation:

  • Manual iCloud saves (or should I say Cloud Saves?) are supported, so you can  start the game on the iPad and continue on the iPhone.
  • There’s also a Max Stats feature cheat code that’s built right into the game. Final Fantasy VII has a fantastic story but takes a ton of time to work through, so this is an interesting way to  experience it without sinking all of your time “grinding” (levelling up your characters).

FFVII features a ton of gameplay for $16 and is ideal if you’re using your iPad as your main gaming console, or if you just want to relive a classic. Just be aware that you’ll need at least 4 GB of free space in order to download and install the game, so 16 GB device owners beware!

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Deals: Sound Step Lightning 2 Bluetooth Speaker at 60% off

Today’s featured deal is for those of you who are looking for a BT Speaker that is packaged in a manageable size that produces surprisingly clear sound quality.  Surprise your friends with room-filling sound they can feel. The Sound Step Lightning 2 Bluetooth Speaker is now on sale at 60% off! It’s a great deal that will run you only $59 – instead of its standard price of $150.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to purchase this awesome BT speaker, and take control with your Lightning compatible iPad today.

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iPad App of the Week: Whink


Who doesn’t like great iPad apps? At iPad Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPad app, or a few great iPad apps, here each week.

Our picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every week. Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is Whink by Rama Krishna. Whink is a new Productivity app that presents a fresh new interactive way to take notes.  You can take typewritten notes, or write like your using a note pad and pencil emulating handwritten notes.  In addition, with your typewritten notes you can change the typography to suit your style.  With Whink you can take notes in a variety of helpful ways that include checklists, photo inserts, audio snippets, and even annotated PDF’s. When you’re finished you can synch all your notes over iCloud, or save them to Dropbox and Evernote.   Continue reading

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What Would You Want From An iPad Pro?

iPad pro

I’ve been seeing an increasing number of posts on the existence of a larger 12.9″ iPad Pro. I think the main audience for a larger iPad would be business users and power users looking for a really light laptop replacement, and I’m not convinced the increased size alone will sell the device. That got me thinking: what would some of the defining features of a large iPad be?

Weight is a huge factor for the iPad. If the primary measurement of a new Apple smartphone is how thin it is, the measure of a new iPad is how little it weighs. The Air 2 really hit the sweet spot for me. It’s just light enough to be comfortable for long reading periods and even extended thumb typing sessions (like this one). It’s also light enough to support in one hand while I read a recipe or article.

iOS 9 will bring a host of great keyboard shortcuts this Fall, but even with those improvements, I don’t think the iPad ready to compete as a laptop replacement without having a deep knowledge of specialized apps to overcome limitations in iOS (e.g. Document management, photo and video editing, and automation apps like Drafts or IF).

At 9.7“, the Air 2 doesn’t really have to act like a traditional computer because it’s so much more portable than even most Ultrabooks. It’s light enough to pick up and use almost all of the time, and a keyboard can be attached to it for longer writing sessions. But at 12.9” on an iPad Pro, you’re basically using the screen of a MacBook Pro, and I think that extra space will be begging to be maximized in a stationary position at a desk. A larger iPad is a lot more device from corner to corner, and I highly doubt it will feel as light in the hand, unless the device’s weight is somehow concentrated in the centre.

All of this is to say that, as a fan of the iPad, I can’t quote wrap my head around what would lead us to want a larger iPad. The only thing I can think of that might make an iPad Pro viable as an all-in-one device is if Apple nails the keyboard with Force Touch integration. If the software keyboard becomes so good that I won’t even care to bring a physical keyboard around with me…well, that would sell me on an iPad Pro.

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Deals: Lifetime Subscription of SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup at 85% off


Today’s featured deal is for those of you who are looking for the best backup solution to protect all of your data.  In addition to the security you will now feel from knowing your data is protected, you will also be able to access your data from any of your devices.  A lifetime subscription of SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup is now on sale at 85% off!  It’s a great deal that will run you only $89.99 – instead of its standard price of $600.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to backup your data for life!

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How to navigate the many uses of the Volume and Side Switch buttons on the iPad


All kidding aside, even though the volume and mute/orientation lock buttons on your iPad adjust and lock volume levels, they actually respond differently in different situations.  Think back to the last time you tried to silence a song or notification, or perhaps you wanted to adjust the volume of a podcast from the lock screen on your iPad.  Were you successful–or did you fumble around for a while before you achieved the desired outcome?  Turns out, the volume and mute/orientation lock buttons might not behave the way you’d anticipate in certain situations.  Here’s a short list of what to expect the next time you reach for those handy buttons on your iPad.

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