Trying Out Byword For My iPad Blogging


I recently bought the In-app purchase within Byword to try and blog straight from the app. Up until now, my workflow has been to write in Byword or Writer Pro, copy the html into the WordPress app, and then add screenshots processed by the Screenshot app before publishing.

Byword’s most recent update claims it can cut out one of the middle men by allowing me to publish to WordPress and add pictures straight from the app. I tried it out quickly today with this post and am quite impressed with how simple and easy it turned out to be. It’s definitely buggy on the iOS 8 beta, but this seems like a great workable solution for blogging from the iPad, without feeling like I’m using all sorts of workarounds.

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iPad Funnies: Jimmy Kimmel Gives Us First Video of the Big new 13-inch iPad in Action

Oh well. I was a little on the fence about whether the (much) larger iPad would work for me. Now I’m thinking it’s a big NO.

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Deals: X-Presenter Smart Mobile Presenter: Run Your Presentation Right from Your Smartphone – at 50% Off

X-Presenter Smart

Today’s featured deal is a very slick looking presentation add-on to use with an iPhone or Android smartphone – the Satechi X-Presenter Smart Mobile Presenter at 52 off. So its on offer for just $23.99, rather than its standard price of $50.

Here’s some detail on the X-Presenter and its top features:


The Satechi X-Presenter Smart Mobile Presenter converts your iPhone into a complete presentation controller. Now you can start and stop presentations, forward and backtrack slides, or even turn the screen black to focus attention back on the speaker.

X-Presenter SMART is a free and complete presentation app that allows you to control onscreen presentation programs including PowerPoint and Keynote.

With amazing app features like Mouse Mode, the smartphone screen acts as a touchpad to move the mouse cursor, click on links, right-click, and scroll up and down.

  • X-Presenter app allows you to control onscreen presentation software including PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Control your computer’s mouse with the app’s Mouse Mode function
  • Built-in red laser pointer to help your audience focus on key points of your presentation
  • Stylus touch pen doubles as a storage compartment for the X-Pointer laser
  • Pen also includes a rubber phone jack plug to attach the laser to your iPhone when not in use

To see lots more detail including a demo video, and to place an order check out this iPad Insight Deals page.

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iPad Art: Dark Side

Dark Side iPad painting

Our featured iPad painting for this end of summer Sunday is titled ‘Dark Side’ – and it’s definitely a striking image that evokes those words.

It’s the work of Álvaro Tajada Portalo, created with the ArtStudio for iPad app.

I’ve only just discovered the iPad artwork of Álvaro Tajada Portalo,as he’s shared several powerful war and battle themed images to our iPad Insight Flickr group.

You can see more of Tajada Portalo’s artwork at his Flickr stream.

And if you’re at all curious about the amazing paintings that are being created on the iPad, take a look at our own iPad Art section too.

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iPad App of the Week: Quora

Quora for iPad

Great apps make great platforms, and iOS and iPad are a great proof of that. One of the most captivating things about the iPad is the incredible range of great apps we are able to use and enjoy on Apple’s tablet. Each Saturday we share a favorite outstanding app as iPad App of the Week.

This week’s pick is Quora, the brand new iPad version of the iOS app for one of the web’s best question and answer sites. Quora is a place where you’ll see answers to in-depth questions on just about any topic under the sun answered by real experts and members of the Quora community.

The folks who run Quora are obviously excited about this new iPad version – they’ve even called it ‘the best reading experience on Quora’ in their blog post announcing Quora for iPad.

[click to continue reading…]

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Evernote As My iPad Task Manager

I use Evernote quite a lot for my own notes, but I also use it at work. I’ve got two notebooks for each of the positions I’ve held at work, and I’ve got a few tags associated with notes depending on which coworkers I need to consult for a given project. However, as of three […]

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Dropbox Simplifies Pro Pricing: $10 Per Month for 1TB

Dropbox announced a few pretty major changes to their Dropbox Pro accounts today, but the change I found most interesting was the simplification of the pricing and storage options. There’s now just one $10/month Dropbox Pro account that offers 1TB of storage, which is 10x more storage than was previously offered at that price point. […]

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Deals: The Rebel Photographer Giveaway – Win A Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR Camera & The Fantastic Photography E-Learning Bundle

Featured this weekend in iPad Insight Deals is a giveaway contest that should grab the attention of any photography buffs here, or even just any of you who fancy a camera that’s a big step up from your iPhone or Android smartphone. It’s the Rebel Photographer Giveaway, it’s free to enter the contest, and here’s […]

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