Transmit Comes to iOS and iPad – and Promises ‘You Are Now Your Own Cloud’

Transmit for iPad

Here’s some great news for fans of the excellent Transmit FTP app for the Mac: it has now come to the iPad and iOS. It looks like the new app extensions in iOS 8 sold the deal for Transmit to come to our iDevices, as per the promo email about the app from its makers, Panic:

For a long time people have been telling us “you should make Transmit for iOS!”. But to be honest, it never totally made sense to us. What would you use it for?

Until iOS 8. You see, in iOS 8, we can extend the system Share panel to offer a new option: Transmit iOS. That means that, while browsing Photos, you can tap one, hit Transmit, and SFTP it up to your web server. Or send voice memos to Amazon S3. Or… well, the sky’s the limit.

Transmit for iPad supports not just FTP and SFTP for file transfer but also WebDAV and Amazon S3 servers. It’s accessible through the standard iOS Share button – so you can share photos and files from any iOS app that includes the Share button.

Here’s the feature list for Transmit for iPad and iOS:

• Full Remote File Management
Login to your server. Upload. Download. Rename. Edit permissions. Make folders. Do it all.
• Save & Upload Files from the iOS Share Sheet
You can quickly send an image from your Photos, an audio file from Messages, or any iOS app that uses the standard system “Share” sheet, to your Mac or server.
• Connect to FTP, SFTP, S3 and WebDAV
Full support for Transmit’s entire suite of protocols is now available to iOS users.
• Twin-Turbo Background Transfer Engine
The full power of Transmit’s transfer engine is available, even while Transmit is in the background.
• The Joy of Drag & Drop
Why do no iOS apps use drag and drop? We wondered that too. Especially satisfying on the iPad — with Local on the left and Remote on the right it’s smooth as silk to drag over a file.
• Edit Documents from Compatible Third-Party Apps
iOS 8-compatible third-party applications that implement the new iCloud document picker will have instant access to Transmit as a file source. Opening and saving files in these apps will relay changes back to Transmit to be uploaded onto your server.
• Panic Sync
You can sync your saved servers and credentials with Panic Sync, and keep them updated between Transmit for iOS and Coda (requires Coda 2.5). Eventually, we’ll add support for Diet Coda and Transmit for Mac.
• iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Ready
Looks great on any screen size.

Transmit is a best in class app on the Mac; I’m looking forward to trying Ii t out on the iPad.

Here’s an App Store link for Transmit; it’s priced at $9.99 and is a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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Deals: RAW Beats Portable Bluetooth Speaker at 50% Off

RAW Beats Speaker

Featured today in the iPad Inight Deals section is the RAW Beats Portable Bluetooth Speaker, at a 50% off price of $39.99. This is a waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof and scratch resistant compact Bluetooth speaker that promises big sound along with rugged portability.

It weighs in at under a pound and offers 7 hours of non-stop music playback.

You can see lots more details on the RAW Beats Speaker and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Save Those Old Photos: Pic Scanner for iPad Review

Scanning multiple photos

Scanning multiple photos

Anyone who is 25 and over probably remembers the analogue days of photography. The ‘good old days’ of not being exactly sure what your pictures would look like when you snapped them on your camera, and the agonising, up to a week wait for the photos to be developed. You then had the exciting moment of taking them out of the envelope, only to find half of them over or under exposed and a few ruined when you opened the back of the camera to see if you had film left. Despite all of this, these real photos are all the more precious, offering a tantalising glimpse to another time, when your parents were your age and you were a baby. I’ve probably got about 50 photos of me as a baby, compared to thousands of digitals which we have of my daughter. Our problem comes however when we want to share or preserve these old photos. Yes, we could scan them one by one, but Pic Scanner has kindly come up with a way to streamline the process somewhat. [click to continue reading…]

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iOS 8: Start Website-Specific Searches From The Safari Address Bar


iOS 8 website search

Here’s a little iOS 8 tip for quickly searching sites you’ve already visited in Safari: while in the address bar, start typing the first four or five letters of a website, add a space, and then type in a search term. You’ll find that the first result in the suggestion list (below the URL bar) will become an option to search that website, and tapping on that line will initiate the search.

The only catch is that you have to manually run a search on the website at least once (which is how Safari learns how the site formats search queries). In our example case, this means visiting, typing a search into our search bar, and then pressing enter to execute the search. Once you’ve done that once on our site, you’ll see results similar to the one in my screenshot above. This is a really useful feature for power users, since it saves you from having to load a website before actually getting to initiate your search.

This is also a great tip for people who want to keep the number of apps down on their iPads. You could download apps for Yelp and IMDB, but using this trick puts the powerful search results of those websites at your fingertips, without any extra apps to clutter up your home screen.

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iOS 8 App Updates: PDF Expert 5


PDF Expert 5 is another of the notable iPad apps that has got an impressive update for iOS 8. In the app’s latest update to Version 5.2, it has added a Zoom Writing feature especially for the iPad that’s described like so:

This is a great tool to write with precision. Essentially, it adds the area that zooms in a part of the page and allows you to handwrite more on a single page or document margins. As you write, the zoomed box moves along the page, automatically adjusting to the pace you need to work at.

Then there are the new features that have been added for iOS 8:

- iCloud Drive Support
Safely store all your presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images and any other kind of documents in your PDF Expert iCloud folder. Directly access them from iCloud Drive on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or PC.
- Open files from iCloud Drive with Document Picker (iPad)
You can get documents stored on your iCloud Drive that are not in your PDF Expert application using Document Picker. It works almost like ‘Open in…’ dialog on your Mac or PC. On the PDF Expert side bar menu tap ‘Open…’ and navigate to the needed document.
- Open files from iCloud Drive with Document Picker (iPhone)
You can get documents stored on your iCloud Drive that are not in your PDF Expert application using Document Picker. It works almost like ‘Open in…’ dialog on your Mac or PC. On the PDF Expert bottom menu tap ‘Open…’ and navigate to the needed document.
- Use other iOS apps to work with the files from PDF Expert 5
In any Document Picker enabled application you can get access to all PDF Expert files that are outside the iCloud folder. Just tap ‘Locations’ in the Document Picker window and select PDF Expert from the list.

PDF Expert has been one of the very best PDF apps for the iPad for years, and it’s good to see the developers are making sure that’s going to continue to be true in iOS 8.

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iPad Art: Cherry Season

‘Cherry Season’ is the title of this week’s featured iPad painting. It was painted by Pilar Humada, using the Sketch Club app. I’ve been a huge fan of Pilar’s iPad artwork ever since I saw some of her first creations on the iPad back in 2013. Her work is equally stunning when she paints cityscapes […]

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iOS 8 App Updates: Dashlane Password Manager

As expected, there are tons of apps being updated for iOS 8 in these first few weeks after its release. One of the more notable ones that updated this week for iOS 8 is Dashlane Password Manager. Dashlane is an excellent password manager, with a superb set of features and a handsome UI that makes […]

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iPad App of the Week: Docurama

Who doesn’t like great iPad apps? At iPad Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPad app, or a few great iPad apps, here each week. Our weekly picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every Saturday. Check out all out […]

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