iOS 8 Updates: Pocket


iOS 8 app extensions allow for apps to share information and for one app to interact with another without the second app having to be open. This feature makes the Share button immensely more useful and powerful.

I expect Pocket, the superb read-it-later app, will be one of the apps that gives the Share button the most use now in iOS 8 – and the app has been updated to take full advantage of the new sharing features. Here’s the short and sweet description of the Pocket update for iOS 8:

Introducing the Pocket share option! Save to Pocket from any app that supports the native iOS share menu, including Safari.
This update takes advantage of more new iOS 8 features as well:
- Share to other apps that support the new iOS sharing options
- Handoff lets you seamlessly continue reading an article where you left off between your iOS devices
- Lots of bug fixes and improvements

Pocket is one of my most shared-to apps on Android, and now it will certainly be the same on my iPad.

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iPad Art: Lynx Pardinus


Today’s featured iPad painting is this beautiful portrait of a striking big feline – titled ‘Lynx Pardinus’, or Iberian Lynx.

It’s the work of Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo, and is the first in a series he plans to do on endangered species. I’m sad to hear that this Lynx is endangered, but looking forward to seeing more of this series.

You can see more of Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo’s iPad artwork at his Blogspot site.

And of course you can browse through lots more great iPad paintings in this site’s dedicated iPad Art section.

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iOS 8: How To Add Widgets to Notification Center

iOS 8 Notification Center

One of the areas that Apple has opened up in iOS 8 is access to Notification Center – as in access for third party apps. Now it’s supported and you can add Notification Center widgets for some of your favorite 3rd party apps.

Here’s how:

– Open Notification Center – with a swipe down from the top of the iPad screen from within any app or from the home screen

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Deals: Lifetime Of Elite iOS & Android Game Dev Training at 90% Off


It’s amazing the quality of games that are now available on the iOS and Android platforms. How cool would it be to be able to create a great game for our favorite mobile devices? Well, today’s iPad Insight Deal just might help you find out.

The featured deal is A Lifetime Of Elite iOS & Android Game Dev Training, with 8 Professional courses that enable you to build & launch mobile games with ease. It’s on offer for $99.99 – which is a whopping 91% off its standard price of $1,200.

Here’s the Intro to the deal, some of its top features, and the course syllabus:


Have you ever wanted to create video games but didn’t know where to start or how to code? The School of Interactive Design is providing a lifetime of online game design training created by experts currently working in the video game industry.

Start building your very first game in just a few hours without the need to learn a single line of code! You will learn how to make games for all types of platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC games.

On top of these awesome skills, you will also learn 2D game development, 3D game development, graphic design, and computer animation. With programs like GameSalad, Unity3D, Maya, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

  • Learn game design techniques
  • Learn graphic design elements
  • Learn computer animation to make your creations more realistic and impressive
  • Work with game creation platforms like Unity 3D, GameSalad and Autodesk Maya


  1. Intro to 2D game design with GameSalad – For those who are completely new to GameSalad and want to get up and running quickly with many of the most used and powerful features.
  2. Intro to 3D game design with Unity 3D -For those who are completely new to Unity 3D and want to get up and running quickly with the fundamental features of Unity.
  3. Introduction to Photoshop – For those who are completely new to Adobe Photoshop and want to get up and running quickly with may of the most used and power Photoshop features.
  4. Introduction to Illustrator – For those who are completely new to Adobe Illustrator and want to get up and running quickly with may of the most used and power Illustrator features.
  5. Introdution to 3D Animation with Maya – Designed to get those completely new to the world’s most powerful 3D package up and running as quickly as possible.
  6. Advanced 2D / 3D game design – Take game design to the next level with in-depth design training that builds off the fundamentals learned in the into courses.
  7. Advanced Photoshop Techniques – Learn more advanced tips and tricks to help build of your fundamental photoshop training.
  8. Advanced 3D Animation Techniques – Learn in-depth animation techniques that take your Maya experience to the next level.

You can see lots more detail and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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iPad App (bundle) of the Week: Ultimate Productivity Bundle by Readdle

Ultimate Productivity Bundle by Readdle

Great apps make great platforms, and iOS and iPad are a great proof of that. One of the most captivating things about the iPad is the incredible range of great apps we are able to use and enjoy on Apple’s tablet. Each Saturday we share a favorite outstanding app as iPad App of the Week.

This week’s pick is an app bundle rather than a single app. App Bundles are brand new to the App Store and offer up sets of apps or games from the same developer available at special prices. Our pick this week is Ultimate Productivity Bundle by Readdle. This is a set of excellent productivity apps from one of the very best developers in that category of apps, at 25% off.

The four apps include in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle are PDF Expert 5, Printer Pro, Scanner Pro, and Calendars 5. I own three out of these four apps – not Calendars 5 as I’m just not a power calendar user – and I can vouch for the stellar quality of each of them.

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App & Game Bundles Hit the App Store

One of the nice new features of the App Store in iOS 8 is Bundles. Bundles are sets of multiple apps from the same developer, on offer to download together at special, discounted prices. If you already own any of the apps in a particular bundle, you can rest of the bundle for a reduced […]

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An iOS 8 Review for iPad Users

I’ve been running the beta on and off for a few months now, and I’ve spent the last few weeks on Beta 5 and the GM, so I feel like I’ve got a good enough handle on the OS to write a quick review for launch day. Let’s get one question out of the way […]

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Today Is iOS 8 Release Day

Just in case you haven’t been avidly following Apple sites or even mainstream news related to the brand new version of the iPad and iPhone operating system, today is the day that iOS 8 will be released to the public. It is expected to be released at 10AM Pacific / 1:00PM Eastern. iOS 8 brings […]

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