Gmail for iPad Gets Extensions

Gmail for iPad just became a better iOS 8 citizen, gaining a few new features to help you utilize the app as your primary mail app (if you’re so inclined).

Notifications for new messages now feature an archive and a reply button; you won’t be able to apply in-line like you can with iMessages (Apple doesn’t allow that), but tapping on Reply will load up the Gmail app to that specific message, with the reply window ready.

Then there’s the Gmail share extension that’s now available in other apps. If you’d like to send a PDF from within Notability, or a picture from the Photos app, all you need to do is activate the Gmail extension from within the iOS share menu. Once that’s done, you can select the file(s) you’d like to share, and then tap on Gmail within the Share list. iOS 8 still won’t let you select a default app for things like OS X can, but these extensions enable much tighter integration of the Gmail app into everyday workflows. The only app that didn’t play too nicely with the Gmail extension was Dropbox — I tried sending a few messages out of Dropbox, but no links or files ever made it into my outgoing emails.

Finally, there’s sharing of files within Gmail with any of your other apps on the iPad via the Share menu. Now you can take that vacation picture your friend sent to your Gmail address and save it straight to Dropbox.

I don’t use the Gmail app on a daily basis; I keep it around for searching archived messages that are several years old. However, for big users of Gmail, this new features should feel like a major update. Check them out today!

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Deals: 33% Off WALTR Audio/Video Uploader for Mac & iOS


Our featured deal today is good for anyone who has struggled with converting video and music files to play on the iPad or iPhone. It’s the WALTR Audio/Video Uploader for Mac & iOS – available for $20, 33% off its standard price.

Here’s the short Intro to this useful looking app for letting you play videos and music in all sorts of formats on your iDevices:

WALTR makes it as easy as ‘drag & drop’ to allow any music or video file to play on your iOS device. WALTRis the only app that makes MKV, AVI & FLAC files play natively on iOS devices ( iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) without the need for 3rd party iOS apps.

  • Upload any video file for native movie app playback
  • Upload any audio file – MP3, FLAC, APE, ALAC, M4R, AAC, AIFF, WAV, WMA, CUE, OGG, WV & TTA
  • Execute transfers fast: the average upload speed is 2GB in under 1 minute
  • Automatically transfer files to iOS apps without syncing
  • Transfer file types that are not normally compatible with iOS, including MKV, AVI, FLAC, and CUE
  • Play files with .srt subtitles

To see more detail and place an order, check out this iPad Insight Deals page.

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WriteReader for iPad Review: Teach Children How to Write


WriteReader with keyboard

WriteReader for iPad has clearly had a lot of thought go into it from an educational and technical perspective. It’s main USP is that it will help to develop your child’s writing through using phonetically based sounds to create words which can be turned into a publishable eBook. However, does it live up to it’s promise?

WriteReader has a lot of financial backing and it heralds from Denmark. It’s modus operandi is to teach children to write. I would say that the app should be aimed at reluctant writers who have a lot of parental support. I also don’t believe it is the sort of app your child could use effectively without direct assistance from an adult. [click to continue reading…]

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How to manage app data storage on your iPad


Ever wonder how much storage space your iPad has available?  How about how many apps you have installed on your device, or how much space those apps occupy?  Ever want to know what apps take up the most space, or how you can manage all of the above in one place?  Look no further–app management doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Here’s how to manage the storage on your iPad.


First, open your Settings app–> then select General–>Usage–> Manage Storage.  Here you will get a comprehensive list of the available and used storage space on your iPad.  In addition, you also will see a break down of ALL the apps you have installed on your iPad in order from largest to smallest.

[click to continue reading…]

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How to pair your iPad with a Bluetooth Keyboard


Among the most successfully argued benefits of owning an iPad–mobility has always been near the top.  The ability to use your iPad as a replacement device for desktop or bulkier laptop computer definitely has it merits–as Federico Viticci illustrated quite effectively. Unfortunately, though, for this theory to work to it’s fullest potential you undoubtedly need to pair your iPad with your favorite Bluetooth keyboard.  Luckily there are no shortages of keyboards to choose from.  In fact, your toughest challenge for using your iPad as your primary productivity device might actually be in choosing the keyboard to use.


No matter what you end up going with, the process of pairing your iPad with a wireless keyboard remains the same.  Start by opening the Settings App, then select Bluetooth.  Turn the feature on so that your iPad is discoverable by other compatible devices.  One your Bluetooth Keyboard is turned on and is impairing mode, (follow instructions for your device) it will become visible in the “Devices” list on your iPad.  When this happens, select your device.  You will now be prompted with a pairing code that needs to be entered on the Bluetooth Keyboard.  Key in the code, and press enter.

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Another Look at InvisibleShield GLASS for iPad

I removed my previous ZAGG Glass Screen Protector from my iPad Air 2 for two reasons: increased screen glare and lowered TouchID efficiency. In response, ZAGG sent over another set of their screen protectors: another Glass with a different “Omega” Home button cut-out, and their HDX protector, which claims to add great impact protection. I […]

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Wunderlist for iPad receiving big overhaul in 2015

I love To-Do lists and Productivity apps in general.  Some may say I love them to a fault.  See if this sounds familiar–you want to find the perfect To-Do / Productivity list app.  You try so hard, and you invest so much time in researching your needs against what is available that you never can […]

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iPad Art: Johnny English

Our featured iPad painting today is titled ‘Johnny English’ – based on the secret agent spoof movie character played by Rowan Atkinson. This is the work of Álvaro Tajada Portalo, shared to our iPad Insight Flickr group. I think this paining captures that deer in the headlights look that Atkinson is so good at. You […]

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