Logitech Folio Touch for iPad Air Drawing

The iPad Air is a Solid Stand-In for My Old iPad Pro

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about possibly selling my 2018 iPad Pro to raise some money for the new miniLED version that most analysts and leakers expect to arrive in a little over a month. It actually just sold yesterday on Swappa, but I actually put it up for safekeeping right after writing […]

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2020 iPad Air

The 2020 iPad Air is a VERY Popular Holiday Search Item

Evidently Santa’s is getting a lot of letters about Apple’s iPad Air. According to real estate blog HomeSnacks, the company’s newest tablet is a pretty popular potential present this year. That’s especially the case for people living in Alabama and Massachusetts. More on that in a second.

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UAG Lucent

Review: UAG Lucent Series for the 2020 iPad Air

I’ve reviewed several cases from UAG over the years, including their new Mouve case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max a few weeks ago. I’ve also looked at their Metropolis cases for a few different models and sizes of iPad, as well as the original Surface Go. While I really like that case design, I […]

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Logitech Folio Touch for iPad Air In front

Apple’s iPad Air and the Logitech Folio Touch Are a Great Value

The iPad Pro has all the horsepower you could ever want from a tablet and the Magic Keyboard adds a laptop-quality keyboard and trackpad to the equation. Anyone who has used them can tell you how capable they are. You would never catch me saying otherwise. However, the price tag is a definite obstacle. We […]

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Logitech Folio Touch for iPad Air

Logitech’s Folio Touch Keyboard Case for the iPad Air is a Winner

I tried buying a Logitech Folio Touch for the 11” iPad Pro before my new iPad Air arrived last week. I knew that cases for the two should be interchangeable and that is true except for one not so little detail- TouchID. Many iPad cases cover the Power button with flexible material. Unfortunately, the Folio […]

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iPad Air 4 TouchID

Apple Should Include the iPad Air 4’s TouchID Sensor On the iPhone 13

Remember when the first concrete rumors of the new iPad Air started making the rounds earlier this year? One of the standout features in those reports was an under-screen TouchID sensor. The fact that we might first see a new feature like that in a mid-tier device was pretty interesting at the time, but was […]

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IPad Air 4 in box

Living With the 2020 iPad Air: The New Default

So who is the iPad Air for, exactly? The fast answer to this question is pretty much anyone who is interested in using a tablet. After a few days of kicking the tires and comparing the new Air 4 to the iPad Pro, I feel very confident in the opinion that it is the new […]

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IPad Air 4 Back

Living With the 2020 iPad Air: TouchID, the A14 and Sound Quality

My time with the iPad Air 4 yesterday was about getting set up and started with it. Today was about leaning into a few specific features to see how they work, as well as how they stack up with the iPad Pro.   Specifically, I tested the new TouchID sensor, and did some real-world testing […]

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IPad Air 4 Case

Living With the 2020 iPad Air: Getting Started

I came home from working out of town to a new iPad Air. Unfortunately, after a long couple of days on the road, it didn’t make it out of the box. However, after a good and long night’s sleep, I got the new Air out this morning and got started. I’m still waiting for the […]

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iPad Air 4

Will iPad Air Preorders Begin Tomorrow?

We know for certain that preorders for Apple’s new 6.1″ iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will begin at 5 AM Pacific tomorrow in the United States and 29 other countries. Normally I would be sitting this one out and going about my day when 7 AM Central rolls around, but the rumor mill just […]

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iPad Air

It Seems Apple is Playing Games With the iPad Air

And that game would be called bait and switch. Or maybe it’s just a little deck shuffling slight of hand. Either way, the iPad Air still isn’t here and if you believe the Apple rumor mill, it sounds like it won’t be here after today’s event, either.

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