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A Few Words on iPad App Reviews & Mentions Here:

As the iOS platform (including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) has gained in popularity and the iOS apps platform has exploded, the number of sites covering and reviewing apps has also exploded.  Policies on which apps will get mentioned and reviewed vary widely across sites.  Some sites accept, and even demand, payment in order to review an app, or to review it sooner rather than later.

It seems worthwhile to mention here a few of our policies on this subject:

We do not request or accept any sort of payment – ever – for mentioning an app, covering an app, or reviewing an app.

The above policy applies to any app that is advertised on this site as well.  Apps / apps publishers who advertise here are treated 100% the same as those who don’t.  No guaranteed mentions or reviews because of an ad placement.  All potential new advertisers are told these things right up front.

Here is how we choose to mention an app on this site:

  • One of us finds it interesting

Here is how we choose to review an app on this site:

  • One of us finds it interesting and / or useful enough to want to review it

Accessory reviews are treated similarly to app reviews. We will specify in the review whether the item was purchased by the author or provided by a company for site review.

We do our best to produce thorough and fair reviews.  Hopefully we manage this most of the time.  One thing we can guarantee though – all of the time – is that our posts and reviews are *not* paid for.  If you see an app or accessory covered here, it’s because we thought enough of it to want to cover it.

iPad Insight is a member of the Organization for App Testing Standards, an organization devoted to editorial ethics. We take the mission of OATS very seriously. Please visit the site for more about the principles that drive the editorial practices of this site.