AirPods Max Silicone Covers

AirPods Max Earcup Covers: I Didn’t Know I Needed Them Until I Saw Them

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AirPods Max Cover

I was searching for an Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Jack cable for my AirPods Max on Amazon a few days ago when I started coming across several of a certain new accessory- silicone earcup covers. Considering how aluminum can scratch in the right (or wrong) circumstances, I figured  I would pick up a pair and try them out.

I chose the Geekria Silicone Skin Covers based on a few positive reviews, but I expect many of the ones offered on Amazon under different names are coming out of the same factory, as is the case with many such bulk accessories.

These covers are easy to put on and take off with the split at the top that goes around the headband post.

AirPods Max Silicone Cover Removed

While these silicone coverings aren’t very thick, they do completely cover the exterior of the Max and should at least prevent scratches and small dings.

As you can see, the cutouts line up pretty well. I don’t expect miracles for $13.50. They’re good enough.

I don’t expect to keep these on my AirPods Max all of the time. I like the aluminum cups, but anytime I want to wear them outside, I will likely grab these covers and put them on for a little extra security.

It’s no surprise to see inexpensive third party AirPods Max covers showing up at places like Amazon and eBay first. Those are usually the kinds of cases that are available first for any Apple product. However, while I’m happy with what I bought, I’m interested to see when some higher end earcup covers for the AirPods Max will start to trickle out. For example, I would LOVE to see some leather or cases from companies like Vaja or Pad and Quill. Something like that would really match the level of these headphones.

But in the meantime, I won’t hesitate to recommend the Geekria Silicone covers for the AirPods Max if you have any need for a little extra protection.

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