AirPods Pro Off To a Roaring Start

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According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple’s new AirPods Pro have already exceeded projected demand so far since their launch a month ago. So much so, in fact, that production lines have been strained and stock has been low since launch. Debby Wu of Bloomberg goes as far as saying that demand has been “much higher” than originally estimated.

While this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, it certainly is good news for Apple. Along with Services, Wearables are steadily accounting for more and more of their revenue and growth as sales of the iPhone level off and dip over time. Their latest and greatest product getting off to a strong start certainly is just what they wanted to see.

The really good news for Apple is that demand has already been this strong and the Holiday shopping season really hasn’t ramped up yet. Both the 2nd Gen AirPods and AirPods Pro appear in some Black Friday deals and they should both be strong sellers through the end of this year. Add in the still relatively new Beats Solo Pro and Apple has a very strong lineup of audio products to suit an entire range of musical listening tastes.

It doesn’t take a genius to project that Apple is getting ready to clean up when it comes to wireless audio sales this Holiday season. I have all three of the above products and I can recommend any of them, depending on what you are looking for. All of them are competitive at their respective price points and perform well in their roles. Given all the positive reviews and buzz going into Black Friday next week, if Apple can keep production on track, they will probably sell all they can make.

So make a note to pay attention to next quarter’s Wearables numbers. It’s expected that Apple’s total shipments will have doubled year over year when it’s all said and done for 2019. That should translate into big some growth and revenue numbers.

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