AirPods Max

Apple’s AirPods Max Have Arrived!!

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AirPods Max

I usually work later, but today I got to come home on time and was at the door when the FedEx guy pulled up to deliver my new AirPods Max. I’m not usually much of an unboxing guy, but I thought I would snap a few picks of this brand new Apple product to share, along with a few very early thoughts.

The box is pretty typical for an Apple product these days. As they have become more ecologically conscious, the boxes have steadily gotten a bit thinner. However, it’s still substantial enough.

AirPods Max in the Box

Along with the new trends in their box designs has also come more paper and light cardboard, in place of plastic. The move to these packing materials is a good thing, as everything in the box is still protected and shielded, just by something that won’t sit in a landfill for 1,000 years.

Notice that the AirPods Max “unique” case is wrapped with gray paper for shipping. The case itself is actually black.

AirPods Max Out of the Box

AirPods Max In Case

Here you can see the actual Smart Case, which is about as basic as it gets. Count me unimpressed, as this looks and feels like something an intern was assigned to design because things were running behind schedule.

I look forward to trying out some more substantial third party case and cover offerings in the future.

AirPods Max In Hand and the Case

I guess this is how we carry the AirPods Max around for now? I don’t think I would ever feel good about carrying them in my laptop bag the way I do my Beats Solo Pros until I have something better to put them in..

AirPods Max Mesh Headband

The mesh headband is comfortable so far. You can see in the picture above how flexible the material is.

I’ve been wearing the Max for the last hour as I write this and they feel good. The band isn’t too tight. The memory foam cups are cozy and aren’t too hot. However, I’m not sure I will be able to say the same when Summer rolls around. The total package also isn’t too heavy in my opinion.

AirPods Max Flat

Here you can see the Max completely removed from the case and any packaging. The ear cups are as minimalist as it gets. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to hear that this design started with Jony Ive.

AirPods Max Ready to Wear

And here the Max are ready to wear.

Once you get the AirPods Max out of the box, it’s time to pair them up. The process is similar to what you get with other AirPods and Beats devices with the H1 chip with some small variations.

Once you tap Continue, setup begins.

Then you are prompted to press and hold the Noise Control Button to proceed.

At this point the product demos begin.

And now you are paired up and ready to go!

I’ve been listening to music for the last hour or so and I am impressed. These are by far and away the most expensive headphones I’ve ever touched, much less owned. They are also assuredly the best sounding I’ve owned by a wide margin, as well.

I may not be an audiophile, but I have been a musician for 33 years and have a graduate degree in music. My ears are polished enough that I can hear the difference between these and other products that I’ve used, even if I can’t precisely define them in detail. I can definitely hear the subtleties that come through with the AirPods Max. There are little details in the intros, outros of songs and in the background that come through with these headphones that don’t pop with the AirPods Pro or Beats Solo Pros.

That said, for what I paid for these headphones, they would be a huge failure if I couldn’t hear the difference immediately. So I can say right now that the AirPods Max are meeting the minimum level I would expect right out of the box. It will take many more hours of listening to find out if they exceed that level.

That’s it for tonight. I will be listening to all kinds of music and other content and taking notes over the next few days and writing about the experience of using the AirPods MaxrP. If you have any questions or things you want me to test for you, let me know in the Comments section below or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.

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