Jon Prosser’s AirPods Studio Renders Look Legit to Me

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AirPods Studio

Photo Source: @jon_prosser

Jon Prosser released a handful of renders today based on leaks and info he’s received on Apple’s coming AirPods Studio over the ear headphones. While I’ve seen plenty of lukewarm responses and derogatory comments on Twitter, I am liking this unique design so far.

There was information in a recently published patent that Apple was awarded covering a flat-folding folding design for a set of over the ear headphones.

AirPods Studio Patents

Prosser’s renders of the Studios seem to line up very well with the image above, which definitely lends some additional credibility. This ear cup design should make Apple’s new headphones easy to transport and far more mobile than a lot of other high quality over the ear cans.

Prosser also had a few new details in his tweet:

While the leather and metal construction, magnetic ear cups and reversible right and left orientation have been mentioned, but the bit about no headphone jack and the USB-C port are new. The lack of a headphone jack isn’t as big surprise, as the wireless Beats Solo Pros that came out last year didn’t have one, either.

However, those headphones and others under the Beats branding have had Lightning Ports for charging. Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro charging cases have Lightning as well, making this prediction seem a little odd. Prosser also doesn’t mention if the USB-C port can be used for more than just charging. Now that would actually make a little sense for a high-end set of headphones. If this rumor does prove to be true, hopefully it means that we will have an option for high-quality wired audio with the AirPods Studio. We shall see.

Despite what the haters had to say today, I’m liking what I see here in these renders and I am ready to buy the moment they go up for preorder.


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