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I’ve kept my AirPods and now my AirPods Pro with me pretty much all the time from the moment I got them until now. (Well, except for that time that I lost my 1st gen buds, but that’s besides the point. And if you’ve owned AirPods, you’ve probably had a similar experience, or at least a scare, right?) That’s really the beauty of such a portable set of wireless earbuds.

One of the downsides of this extreme portability of the AirPods and AirPods Pro is that the case is inevitably going to get beaten up and show some wear. For example, I give you one of my first articles on the AirPods back in May of 2017:

As I feared, the AirPods case is a bit of a scuff magnet


That fact hasn’t changed with subsequent updates to the product line, either. The bright white case that reminds us of the glory days of the early iPods is still going to readily collect dents, dings and scuffs. As such, one of the growing Apple accessory categories over the last 2 1/2 years has been covers for AirPods and AirPods Pro cases.

I can’t really say that there is a reason why, but I’ve never owned one of these cases or covers up until now. I just ended up just using a small drawstring bag that came with an earlier set of wireless buds to protect my AirPods and AirPods Pro cases in my pocket. This is a decidedly cheap and low-tech solution, but it worked. However, that little bag is on its last legs now and that got me looking around for a replacement.

I’ve never been disappointed with a Twelve South product that I’ve tried, so when I saw an ad for their new AirSnap Pro case recently, I decided to step up my game and go with something much higher end to protect my AirPods Pro case. I’ve been using the AirSnap Pro for the last week and I am very happy with it so far.

The look of love

One thing I love about a leather case is that, if they are made from quality material and put together well, you don’t have to do anything else to make them look great. That is the case here, as the AirSnap is simply designed, but beautiful in execution.

I chose the traditional looking Cognac color option because I prefer the natural tan coloring of leather. It looks just as good in person as in the pictures. Again, the design is very simple but everything here is spot-on. The stitching is even, the snap is centered and the cut-out for the Lightning Port is perfect. You can tell that the small details matter to Twelve South.

If you like a little more color variety, the AirSnap Pro is also available in Slate Blue and Black.

I really like an embossed logo on a leather product.

They are easily visible without taking away from the beauty of quality leather. That was a good choice on Twelve South’s part, as it fits the simplicity of the case’s design.

One design detail worth mentioning is that Twelve South included a small hook on the side of the AirSnap Pro to help with keeping up with your AirPods Pro. In the box, you get both an S-Clip and a small wrist lanyard to use with the hook.

The S-Clip can be used to connect your case to the inside or outside of a bag or backpack. I see a little less reason to use the wrist lanyard personally, but if you prefer to bring your AirPods Pro case along on a run or bike ride and don’t have pockets, then it could come in handy.

I probably won’t ever use either the S-Clip or the wrist lanyard. Despite that, I love that they are included in the box if I ever did need to use them. Twelve South covers the small details, and that’s the sign of a quality accessory maker, in my book.

Buttery smooth

The leather exterior of the AirSnap Pro doesn’t just look great. It feels great, too. I appreciate that, because I like the feel of a fine leather product as much as how it looks. The AirSnap Pro is soft and smooth all over, Even the center seam and stitching doesn’t feel ragged. Very nice.

My only concern with this is how the soft exterior of the case will hold up to wear and tear in a pocket over time. I mean, that’s what a case is supposed to do, but I do hate scuffing up nice leather accessories. I’ve gone easy on it during week one, but I’m going to start carrying it in my pocket along with my keys this week and see how it holds up over time. Hopefully it will surprise me, but a few scuffs aren’t a terrible thing. Sometimes they can even add character to leather if they aren’t too deep.

The inside of the case is even softer than the outside, which is a nice touch. Even if the exterior does take some punishment hanging out in my pocket everyday, I know that the exterior of my AirPods Pro case is in good hands. At the end of the day, that’s the whole point of of the AirSnap Pro.

Not just skin deep

Twelve South’s design chops aren’t just skin deep. Part of the appeal of the latest AirPods and AirPods Pro cases is that they can be charged wirelessly. I finally started using a wireless charger recently (which I will write about soon) and I have definitely gotten used just sitting my cases on it to quickly re-charge my wireless buds.

I wouldn’t like the AirSnap Pro nearly as much if I were constantly having to take it off and put it back on to wirelessly charge my AirPods Pro. However, that isn’t an issue and wireless charging works just as if the AirPods Pro case was naked. The only drawback is that I can’t easily see the charge light on the AirPods Pro case when it’s in the AirSnap Pro, but my charger has a light on the side of the base that flashes when it’s charging, so I know that it’s working.


After a week with the AirSnap Pro, I can definitely recommend it. It looks great, feels great and was thoughtfully designed by Twelve South. Oh, and it will definitely keep your AirPods Pro case looking like new, and that’s the whole point.

At $39.99, the AirSnap Pro definitely isn’t the cheapest option for covering and protecting your AirPods Pro case. But I look at it this way: if you pay a premium price for an Apple product, why not pay a little extra to step up to an accessory that matches it in design and quality? In my opinion, you can see and feel the difference between this and the many less expensive options out there and it’s worth paying a little extra for.

I’ll wrap up my review by saying this- I liked the AirSnap Pro enough that I’m going to buy an AirSnap case from Twelve South for my AirPods 2, which I still have and use during the day at work to take phone calls. The little drawstring bag isn’t going to cut it for me anymore after a week with something far better.

The AirSnap Pro is available from Twelve South in Cognac, Black and Slate Blue for $39.99.

The AirSnap Pro was provided for review on iPad Insight by Twelve South. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the About page.

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