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There is a New Firmware For AirPods Pro, But it Wasn’t a Fix For Me

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AirPods Pro

Apple released a new firmware version for AirPods Pro this week. They are now at 2D27, up from version 2D15. The new features for AirPods and AirPods Pro, which I covered yesterday, don’t seem to be a part of this new firmware, so it is likely another attempt to fix issues with Active Noise Cancelling and popping noises.

Mine updated overnight last night and I wore them and listened to music and a couple of podcasts for a bit today. I didn’t run into an issue until it was time to drive home. Unfortunately, that’s when I usually have trouble with popping noises occurring as the vehicle goes over bumps. I had the same noises today. Maybe they weren’t as bad as before, but they are still there. So it seem that 2D27 is not a fix for me.

While this new firmware didn’t really help me, maybe it will smooth out Active Noise Cancellation for you. To check and see if you have it yet, just connect your AirPods Pro and go to Settings-General-About. Your AirPods Pro will have an entry there and your current firmware will be listed. There is no way to manually trigger the update, so if you don’t have it yet, just be patient.

Earlier this month, I wrote about my issues with cracking and popping noises in my left AirPod Pro. Evidently this is a really common problem, because I heard from several others who are also affected. At this point, I think I’m going to bite the bullet and set up a repair with Apple. This kind of thing is exactly what warranties are for and these updates don’t seem to be helping.

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