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Apple Rolls Out Some Christmas Specials for the Apple Card

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If you have an Apple Card and you’re still looking to buy some Apple goodies this Holiday season, then Apple has a pretty compelling new deal for you. According to the Apple Card Twitter account, cardholders can now get an impressive 6% Daily Cash back on most Apple purchases made from now until 12/31. This is double the normal 3%.

This includes all Apple hardware and accessories. The main exclusions are iTunes purchases, subscriptions and the iPhone Upgrade Program. Pretty much anything else from Apple should qualify.

If you are already an Apple Card holder and you have anything Apple left to buy over the next 3 weeks, this is a no-brainer. If you haven’t signed up for the card yet, this is certainly an interesting enticement. Double the normal cash back on Apple purchases is pretty hard to ignore. This definitely shows that Apple is willing to be aggressive in their attempt to get more Apple fans to sign up.

Apple has also officially opened up its offer to allow cardholders to pay off an iPhone interest-free over the course of 24 months. I mentioned this when word that Apple was going to do this got around back in early November. Now it is available to anyone purchasing an iPhone from Apple with the card.

Not only do you avoid the interest associated with a normal credit card purchase, but you will get 3% Daily Cash back on the price of the iPhone over the three years. This is definitely a good deal, especially for those who don’t need the yearly upgrades or bundled AppleCare+ that comes with the iPhone Upgrade Program.

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