All New iPad OS announced at WWDC!!

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The iPad now has its own OS!! The new iPadOS has been announced at WWDC 2019.

New Features:

  • Pinning Widgets to the Home Screen!
  • New SlideOver App Switching
  • Multiple Windows for apps and easy transitioning
  • This works for all compatible apps.


  • Column view to make Files easier to find
  • Sharing- Folder sharing in iCloud Drive
  • New SMB File Sharing
  • USB Drives and SD cards!! Finally.
  • They show up right in the Files app.
  • You can direct import from a camera directly into an app.

Desktop Browsing to iPad

  • Always brings in the Desktop version of websites automatically.
  • Particularly good for Google Docs
  • Download manager in Safari
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts


  • A new Font Manager. Available in the App Store.

Apple Pencil

  • From 20 ms down to 9 ms latency.
  • New Pencil tookit
  • The toolkit will be available to third party apps.

Well, this did NOT disappoint. iPad is growing up into a fully featured multi-tasking powerhouse.

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