Apple May Be Making the Move to USB-C Chargers This Year

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Photo Source: 9to5Mac

It looks like Apple is making the move to adopt USB-C with this year’s new iOS hardware. However, unlike the recent rumors that proposed that Apple would be dropping the Lightning Connector from the iPhone in favor of USB-C this year or next, the new charger in the leaked imaged above is more likely to be for use with their USB-C to Lightning Cables. This is good news in my book, as all of our older accessories will still work while Apple gradually phases in the new USB-C bricks.

The good part of this new rumored charger is that it has an 18 Watt output, far surpassing the current 5 Watt brick we are all used to. This will bring fast charging to all new iPhones, right out of the box. While the current gen iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, as well as the iPad Pros, have fast charging capability, users have had to buy a compatible charger and an Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable to make it work.

I made the upgrade last year, buying an Aukey USB-C Power Delivery (the standard that Apple uses) Charger, an Anker USB-C Power Delivery Car Charger, a RAVPower Battery Pack with USB-C and Power Delivery, and two Apple USB-C to Lightning Cables. This wasn’t an inexpensive set of purchases, either. However, I have found that the added convenience of fast charging has been worth it. Not only have I benefitted from being able to top off my iPhone anytime I need to, but I can quickly re-charge my iPad Pro in the car, and I can also charge my Nintendo Switch with all of these chargers and a USB-C to USB-C cable. All of that together made the accessories a worth the price of admission.

While I think I got my money’s worth from my extra accessories over the last year, it is much better for Apple to finally start including fast charging hardware with their devices. Also, another side benefit of this is the fact that the USB-C to Lightning Cable is a heavier gauge of wire, which should make it more durable. My two cables still look like new and haven’t had any issues to this point, so users may get a lot more mileage out of these than the older USA-A cables.

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