Apple May Be Working on a New Smaller Screen iPhone

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There were some Apple fans who were unhappy with the company when they killed off the iPhone SE last year, rather than updating it. This meant that there weren’t many options for those Apple users who want a smaller screen device. You can still get an iPhone 7 or 8, but you are giving up something there in terms of specs.

Back in 2016, Apple breathed new life into the smaller iPhone 5S form factor by revamping the internals to put it on par with the iPhone 6S, which was the high-end iPhone at the time. This was the perfect solution for fans of the smaller screen and was also a rare example of a smaller device with high-end specs. Apple then left it pretty much as is, letting the price slip lower over time as it fell to the bottom of the lineup over the next 2 1/2 years.

According to the Chinese-language Economic Daily News, Apple is planning to return to the same idea that brought us the iPhone SE. However, instead of sticking with the iPhone 5S/SE design, they are now going to move forward to the 4.7″ iPhone 8 design. Considering that phone sizes have trended bigger across the industry, allowing the lowest end device’s size to creep upward from the now undersized SE makes sense for Apple.

As they did with the iPhone SE, this new 4.7″ device would get an current-gen (at release next year) A13 processor, more memory and an upgraded single-lens camera. Just as the iPhone SE was a few years ago, this device would likely become quite popular as a phone with current specs but a lower price tag. If the lack of Face ID isn’t a deal-breaker and you like a little bit smaller form factor, this new iPhone could be the perfect fit.

The Economic Daily News predicts that Apple will debut this new iPhone in March of 2020.

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