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Apple Release and Event News is Leaking All Over the Place

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Tim Cook

All of the sudden, we have multiple sources leaking potential Apple release and event dates. While there are some conflicts and variances, the fact that this news is starting to go public is worth being excited over. This means new Apple gear is getting closer. That’s how the game works. And if a couple of these leaks are correct, that could be very soon.

One of the first bits of news came from Twitter account @Soybeys, saying that a new iMac could come as soon as this week. However, that Tweet was subsequently deleted after Jon Prosser decided to come out from the rock he’s been under to shoot it down. He then clarified later saying that the iMac refresh would likely appear sometime in August.

Of course, the only reason he cared to comment was to take another shot at 9to5Mac, even though it really wasn’t their leak.

That isn’t all the news on the new iMac. @Jioriku on Twitter had something to say about the design and internals, and this leak has since been echoed by others:

So this new iMac will not be the first computer to run on Apple Silicon. Those are still to come later this year. Jon Prosser actually mentioned in a response to the thread above that he thinks the first of these devices will be a 13.3″ MacBook Pro.

Along with this news of a refreshed Intel iMac, we also have a leak from @Komiya_kj on Twitter about coming announcements and events that adds a lot more detail:

Ok, so right up front this leaker seemingly confirms some things I’ve been expecting for a while. First off, he thinks the iPhone is coming in September, going against a leak from last week that had the date slipping into October and even November. Second, he predicts new Apple hardware coming out ahead of a September release window. I’ve been expecting a summer release for a while. There’s just too much to cram into only two events.

Most of the devices predicted here make a lot of sense based on months of leaks about hardware that’s either ready or close to it. The AirPods Studio stand out among the mid-August group and should grab some attention if they do hit Apple.com in just three weeks. New HomePods are also long overdue, if a little boring. The only thing missing from the list are the AirTags, which could show up anytime between now and the end of the year.

@Komiya_kj goes on to predict two events as we move into the Fall- one in September for the iPhone and one in October for Apple Silicon devices. This much makes a lot of sense and it lines up with traditional release schedules. The one part that I am still skeptical of is the mention of an iPad Pro. There have been more reliable leaks putting a new Pro with 5G and Mini-LED in 2021, not this year.

In fact, I commented on a Tweet from @ihacktu saying the same this weekend. That Tweet was deleted, leading me to believe that the information wasn’t so good. I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, unless someone with a better rep backs a Pro coming this Fall, I’m calling fake news.

If I’m right, that makes the other iPad prediction seem odd, as well. You would think that Apple would spread things out a bit and pair an iPad (possibly an Air) up with the new Apple Silicon laptops, making the September event the more traditional iPhone and Apple Watch event. However, a case can be made for the release schedule as shown above, too. If Apple wants to make a big deal about the Apple Silicon release, maybe these lineups work just fine as is.

However it shakes out, the good news is that we have multiple reports that new Apple hardware is coming in just three weeks, with more to follow soon after. I’m ready to pull the trigger on a new pair of AirPods Studio yesterday. so this is all good news to me.

What do you think? Anyone considering purchasing one or more of the devices listed above? Which are you most excited to get your hands on? Let me know in the Comments section below or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.


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