Apple Slices- Apple News is Picking Up as We Head Toward WWDC

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In this week’s Apple Slices, we have several bits and pieces of Apple News to cover as we continue to march toward WWDC.  On that note….

Apple Announces WWDC Keynote Date and Time

Apple has sent out press invitations for the WWDC Keynote event. It will be June 5 at 10 AM PDT in San Jose, CA. Just a little less than four weeks away! Considering how few reliable leaks there have been on iOS 11 features, we may actually have some surprises this year.

Apple Buys Beddit

This slice is fresh, as this news just hit today. Beddit is a maker of sleep monitoring and tracking devices, as well as companion apps for iOS and Apple Watch. It would seem that Apple has designs on adding native sleep tracking to its wearable lineup, rather than just leaving the task to third parties. Whether this feature becomes part of the Apple Watch, or a new piece of hardware remains to be seen. Since most people choose to charge their Watches overnight, there would have to be some significant changes to future versions of the Watch for it to be effective as a sleep tracker. As such, it will be interesting to see how Apple handles this. It is also unclear what will happen to Beddit’s existing hardware after this move, so stay tuned. No matter what, this is a solid addition to Apple’s growing wearables lineup. Along the same lines…

Apple Is Now the Top Provider of Wearables in the World

Three years after entering the wearables market with the original Apple Watch, Apple has passed up Fitbit to become the world-wide market share leader in this category. Based on the news of the Beddit purchase above, the positive sales numbers from the last quarter, and the fact that the Apple still can’t keep the AirPods in stock and meet demand, there is still plenty of room for them to grow this lead.

Apple Breaks Valuation Records. Again. 

It is insane how commonplace Apple’s stock price and valuation breaking records has become. The latest round started at the end of last week, and continued on until Monday, when Apple’s valuation topped $800 Billion at one point. Apple now has the inside track to becoming the first trillion dollar company in this history of publicly traded companies.

Apple’s Workflow Restores Third-Party Connections

About a month ago, I wrote about the complaints over Apple meddling with Workflow right after purchasing it. Many users assumed that Apple removed connections to Google products and Pocket meant they were going to lock it down to iOS and key partners only. With the restoration of these connections, it now looks like Apple just changed the terms of service and/or connection agreements a bit, and was just waiting for all the t’s to be crossed and i’s dotted. Whatever the reason, this is an encouraging sign that Apple is going to make Workflow MORE powerful than ever before, not less as many feared.

Citi Identifies Seven Potential Mergers or Acquisition for Apple

Citi analyst Jim Suva has identified seven companies that Apple could be interested in purchasing. Netflix heads the list, and he predicts that there is a 40% chance of a deal between them and Apple happening. The other six companies are media giants Hulu and Disney, game developers EA, Activision, and Take-Two, as well as commonly-mentioned car maker Tesla. Other than the addition of  the three gaming companies, this list is pretty much par for the course. I won’t be shocked if Apple makes a deal, but a 40% chance of one with Netflix seems pretty high.

Apple Extends Smart Keyboard Warranties

Due to a few nagging issues that are affecting multiple Smart Keyboards, Apple has wisely decided to extend the one-year warranty on the Smart Keyboard. I made it clear in a recent article how I feel about this keyboard and Apple’s Magic Keyboard in a recent article. Despite that, I’m glad to see Apple standing by their products when there are issues.

While there isn’t anything Earth-shattering in Apple News since late last week, the pace is picking up as usual for this time of year. Look for it to get even faster over the next four weeks. I’m looking forward to it, as well as the re-appearance of iPad Pro rumors. I’ll be here to bring you the freshest slices as soon as they are good and ripe.

If you have any feedback on this week’s Apple Slices, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me using the Comments section below, on Flipboard, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.

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