Apple Slices: The iPhone 8 Home Stretch Begins

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It won’t be long now. The Beta versions of iOS 11 are hitting every week, and the rumors faster than that. We have component leaks. There have been pictures of possible screens, camera modules, wireless charging modules, and the 3D camera and infrared sensor that will be used for facial scanning. We also have a potential announcement date now, and may finally know the starting price. It’s all starting to come together. Let’s get to it.

Apple’s iPhone 8 Rumored to be Announced at September 12

According to French site mac4ever, Apple’s iPhone Announcement Event will be held on September 12. They said that this information came to them from sources at wireless carriers, who are tipped off in advance so they can prep for launch and the associated advertising blitz. They are predicting that Apple will release three new iPhone models- the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7S, and iPhone 7S Plus at the event.

iPhone 8 Rumored to Start at $999

In an opinion piece on the iPhone, Brian Chen of the New York Times dropped a critical tidbit on the new iPhone 8. He said that sources at Apple confirm that the new phone will start at $999. This perfectly fits the rumors that the new top of the line iPhone will retail for over $1000.

Fluent Survey Sheds Light on the Current Mindset of iPhone Owners and Buyers

This is a very informative survey from Fluent that reveals how a lot of us iPhone users think about the company and out phones. More importantly, it sheds light on how loyal iPhone users still are, after ten long years. For instance, 70% of those who plan on upgrading to an iPhone aren’t even considering other smartphone options. On the flip side, it’s also telling that 67% of those surveyed think that $1000 and up is too high of a starting price for the iPhone 8. It is well worth a read.

The iPhone 8 Will Have “Full-Speed” Wireless Charging According to The Next Web

The Next Web claims to have two different sources at accessory manufacturers that have confirmed that all three new iPhones will have Full-Speed Wireless Charging. I respect the fact that, in this tech world of floating rumors with little to no confirmation, TNW held off on this one until getting a second source, GM Allen Fung of RAVPower, who was willing to go on the record. According to Mr Fung, his company’s wireless charger will be fully compatible with the new iPhones.

Will the C Return In All It’s Plastic-Backed Glory?

File this in the long shot pile of your current rumors, but according to French site iPhonesoft, Apple may release a replacement for the iPhone SE dubbed the iPhone 6C. This new lower-priced model would share the 4” screen of the SE, but would have the same design design as the iPhone 6/6S. In an interesting twist, the rumored 6C would resurrect the plastic back of the not incredibly successful iPhone 5C. Honestly, this is probably not going to happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if an updated version of the SE that takes on the appearance of the 6/6S does show up at some point. However, I wouldn’t put money on it having a plastic back.

Has Project Titan Been Reduced to a Shuttle Bus?

According to the New York Times, Apple’s once very ambitious plans for self-driving vehicles have been scaled back to autonomous systems and software only. This isn’t a new rumor, but there have been rumblings over the last couple of months that maybe there was still more going on behind the scenes. However, according to the Times’ 5 anonymous sources within the company, the broadest current application of Apple’s self-driving tech is a shuttle that will move Apple employees between buildings. The shuttle is called PAIL, which stands for Palo Alto to Infinite Loop.

One interesting note from the five aforementioned sources has to do with the conflict that marked Project Titan during its more ambitious phase. Evidently Steve Zadesky, the executive who was initially in charge of the project, had a more modest vision for a semi-autonomous vehicle, while others, notably Jony Ive, wanted a fully driverless vehicle that would totally reinvent the automobile experience.

It’s time for the home stretch folks. If the rumors of September 12 are correct, then new iPhone pre-orders are coming in just three weeks. Finally.

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