AirPods 3 Leak

Apple Spring 2021 Event Rumors are Picking Up

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AirPods 3 Leak

Photo Source: 52audio

The closer we get to an Apple Event, the more the news and rumors start to flow. Last week, I wrote about a rumor that Apple’s Event would take place on March 16th. Now it seems that one has already been shot down.

It’s one thing to have your rumor questioned. It’s quite another for someone like Mark Gurman to speak up and burst your bubble. Fake leakers everywhere be warned.

So in other words, the Economic Daily News went off of some bad info from some sketchy leakers, and then Apple bloggers like me got excited that we might finally have some info on Apple’s coming event. It wouldn’t be the first time the Apple blogosphere bit on some bad bait. However, if Gurman is saying that March 16th isn’t happening, then it isn’t happening and that’s the end of that.

All that said, Gurman didn’t shoot down the idea of an event, or that it would be in March:

Short and sweet, as usual, but that’s still good reason to expect we will see an Apple event sometime next month. If nothing was coming, I think he would have said something to that effect.

Gurman smacking down fake leakers isn’t the only news related to Apple’s coming launch event. As shown above, the site 52audio has leaked an image of what they claim is the new AirPods 3 design (via MacRumors).

This could be yet another fake leak, but the image does fall in line with most of the rumors of the AirPods 3 leading up to now, most of which have come from reputable sources such as Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo. This shows a new set of earbuds with a design much closer to the AirPods Pro, with shorter mic stems and a shorter, wider case. However, this new model would still lack certain higher-end features, such as replaceable silicon ear tips, Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode.

One interesting feature from Apple’s higher-end audio products that is rumored to be included is Spatial Audio. I find that tidbit interesting. It tells me that Apple sees this feature as being critical going forward, so they are pushing it down the lineup so more of their customers have access to it. It’s an especially impressive feature when watching movies with Dolby Atmos or surround from a compatible source. I think this would be a smart move on Apple’s part and would help to make the AirPods 3 a significant leap over the first two generations in both hardware and software.

52audio’s report also says that Apple is planning to launch the new AirPods in March. You would think that would be during their coming event, but not necessarily. Jon Prosser has already said that he hasn’t heard about any new AirPods being included in Apple’s upcoming event. However, the last update to the AirPods in Mach of 2019 was simply announced via press release and even the much bigger AirPods Pro upgrade was handled in the same manner. So it’s quite possible that these latest AirPods do arrive next month, but don’t get announced at the event we all know is coming.



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