Apple’s AirTags May Be Coming Soon. What Do You Want to Put Them On?

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It’s February 1st, which puts us a month to a month and a half from new Apple hardware and possibly an Apple event. While we already expect new iPad Pros, an updated iPad Mini, and possibly a re-designed iMac with an M-series processor, it’s hard to imagine another Apple event passing without their most poorly kept secret, the AirTags, finally coming in for a landing.

One thing we know is that several accessory manufacturers have gotten a jump on Apple, announcing accessories to hold AirTags for keychains, glasses and other items. I’m quite sure these will be joined with many, many more in the near future. However, the more important point for now is that these manufacturers obviously know something. This many companies wouldn’t be jumping the gun unless they feel very sure that they aren’t jumping it by much.

If we can assume that AirTags are finally coming soon, that brings up another obvious question- What do you want to use them on? I’ve been thinking about this off and on for a while now, because this isn’t the first time we Apple fans have thought AirTags were about to show up.

There are several things I can think of. My wallet will be first to get an AirTag, quickly followed by my oldest son’s. I will probably talk to my boss about getting one for my work computer work backpack. I will also be looking for a good way to marry one to my AirPods Max. I know they already work with Find My, but the Bluetooth connection is limited, where an AirTag will allow me to track exactly where they are. That’s a few items to start. I just hope Apple prices them affordably enough that buying a few won’t be an issue.

So what about you? Are you interested in Apple’s coming AirTags? If so, what are you planning on using them to keep track of? Are you intrigued by any of the accessories that are starting to be announced to hold them? Let me know what you think in the Comments section below or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.

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    1. I can definitely understand the camera bag. There can be a lot of money tied up in lenses and cameras on one of those.

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