Apple’s iPhone Event is a Week Away, and the Rumors are Flying Fast

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At this time one week from now, the dust will all be settled and we will know what the heck Apple is up to. Today, not so much. I thought 9to5Mac’s flurry a weeks ago would take a bit of the air out of rumor silly season, but as today showed, that answer is an emphatic NO.

Here are some of the new predictions of what Apple will be releasing, and the names they will go by. The good, the bad, and the just plain dumb.

Max Effect?

Photo Source: 9to5Mac

I thought last week’s report that Apple would be naming their newest smartphone the iPhone XS was a little crazy. Like most people, I have called the current iPhone by the letter “X,” not the Roman numeral. That habit is already leading to all kinds of Internet fun with the potential of an “iPhone Excess.” If the $1000+ shoe fits, right?

Like most, I also assumed that the new 6.5″ model would go by the name iPhone XS Plus. I personally think it’s time for Apple to move beyond S and Plus, but it didn’t look like that was happening last week. Now it looks like I was half right.

Today, there is a report from 9to5Mac that the 6.5″ iPhone will be called the iPhone Xs Max. Really? I didn’t love the Plus branding, but Max? This sounds like the name of 100 different crazy Android phones of the past decade, and nothing like what I would expect from Apple.

One item to note is that the 9to5 article specifically shows the “s” in Xs as lower case. It’s a small detail that really makes no difference to me. I’m still going to buy this phone, but I will not change my mind if this really is the name. I will make fun of it endlessly, and I guess myself for buying it, as well. I just don’t get the continued arbitrary use of “s,” or the new Max tag. This fails to build on what looked like a new branding direction with the iPhone X.

At the end of the day, the name matters little. People are going to buy it, not matter how stupid it is.

Apple Watch Series 4 Bigger in More Ways Than One

Photo Source: Guess Who?

Today brought good news, as well. Before I get to that, 9to5Mac owns the Apple world right now. The leak roll that they are on is just next level and puts all others to shame. Respect.

Guilherme Rambo of 9to5 has found more Apple OS nuggets, this time in watchOS 5, and was kind enough to share them with us today. According to his research, the resolution of the new 42mm Apple Watch Series 4 will be 384 x 480. This is up from 312 x 390 on the same size Series 3.

This jump in resolution combined with the slightly larger screen on the Series 4 will be a notable upgrade for the Watch. The addition of Cellular last year was big, but this upgrade could be much more important for the future of the platform. This increase in screen real estate and usable space for devs could finally help Apple to turn the tide for apps on the platform.

Another new Mac?

We’ve all heard the rumors of a new replacement for the MacBook Air that is coming soon. Maybe even as soon as next week’s event. Is there another one coming? According to Digitimes, Apple is expected to unveil “its new ultrathin MacBook soon.” This was in a report talking about new devices revealed at the recent IFA show. But that’s it. Nothing more.

It could be that they are talking about the same MacBook Air replacement that everyone else has. However, while the Air was ultrathin in its heyday, it is pretty ordinary in that respect today. There are MANY thinner options in the same or lower price ranges, and the bezels are really large by today’s standards. Because of this, it is easy to assume that this bite-sized prediction refers to a different MacBook.

That said, it could be that Digitimes is expecting the already-predicted Apple laptop to have a design like the current MacBooks, which are quite thin and modern looking. Maybe they know something, and it’s the end of the road for the Air design and branding. Maybe they know that another MacBook really is coming. Maybe this is just a wild guess. Who knows. I would put more money on the latter than the former, though.

Maybe the Invite Means More Than We Think……

Or maybe not. I am posting this only as an object lesson in how insane Apple rumor silly season can get.

Evidently a doodle next to an iPhone appearing in a Chinese Tweet is enough to run with these days. Yep. Apple Watch Series Round incoming. I mean, there’s an iPhone in the picture, right? The circle doodle looks vaguely like the invite. What more do you need? It’s go time.

So yeah, rumor silly season is in full swing and headed for a peak early next week. If today is any indication, the next few days should be interesting, and if nothing else, will definitely be entertaining.

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