Fresh Details of New Apple Gear Coming This Fall

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Leading things off is Bloomberg’s Marc Gurman, Mr Old Reliable when it comes to Apple info. He has fresh information on some of Apple’s new hardware coming this Fall. First off, he confirms that a new low-cost MacBook is coming, as has been expected for a while now. Despite plenty of previous rumors and reports, it’s nice to get confirmation from someone with a real track record.

Fresh Air

While reports of a new MacBook aren’t news at this point, there is a new detail that many will be happy to hear. According to Gurman, the new MacBook will have a Retina display. The lack of a high res screen has been one of the biggest shortcomings of the aging MacBook Air, so this should be welcome news for those shopping for a value-priced macOS laptop. Gurman also mentions that the new MacBook’s bezels will be thinner, which may make this new machine look more like a current MacBook than an Air. Whatever the name of the new laptop, this will give it a much more up-to-date look.

So far, there hasn’t been any word on ports or the keyboard on this new device. If they match the original Air, rather than the USB-C and Butterfly Keyboard on the MacBook, then I would bet this new machine will be very popular with Apple fans. It will be interesting to see how Apple handles this, because with the recent sunsetting of the 2015 MacBook Pro, the Air is the last laptop in the lineup that isn’t exclusively USB-C. It is likely that Apple will make it uniform with the rest of the current laptops, but if it doesn’t, maybe that means that Apple is listening to some of the criticism over ports and keyboards.

Mighty Mini?

Next up is another old favorite. Mark Gurman also gives us confirmation that the Mac Mini will in fact be updated very soon. This is good news, as the Mini is by far and away the least expensive and most approachable of macOS devices. Many had feared Apple losing interest in the device after four years of no updates, but here we are with a long overdue upgrade coming.

However, it will be interesting to see what impact this update has on the Mini as we know it. Gurman says that this will be a “professional-focused” upgrade, and that the price of the Mini will increase somewhat to reflect that. Hopefully that starting price of $500 won’t increase too much. It will also be interesting to see whether this is just a spec bump, or if the hardware will be re-designed, as well. No word on that yet.

Keeping Watch

Mark Gurman isn’t the only one dropping hints about new Apple devices today. We also have fresh filings with the Eurasian Economic Commission, which has become a bellwether, of sorts. Filings here have proven to be a good source of info on new product launches in recent years. There are six new Apple Watch models that have shown up there today ahead of Apple’s coming announcements.

Photo Source: Ben Geskin via Twitter

As for the six new devices, it sounds likely that there will be three new versions of the Apple Watch in two sizes each. This makes sense, as it may be time for Apple to sunset the Series One and its older processor in favor newer designs. Keeping the Series Three as a value option along with the coming Series Four sounds reasonable to me. We shall see.

If nothing else, we are starting to get some truly reliable info on new Apple devices that should arrive in the near future. We will likely have pre-ordered iPhones showing up a month from now, with the devices above showing up around the same time or not long after.

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