Hindsight Takeaways from the Apple iPhone Event

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It’s hard to find too much from Tuesday’s event that stands out now, thanks to all of the leaks that spoiled the party. However, there were still some details and omissions that we didn’t all see coming, and some other things have become clearer in context. Let’s take a look at a few that I noticed going back over it all.

A Long Wait for the Latest and Greatest

I think we all expected to wait for the iPhone X. The rumor mill started to churn with renewed rumors of delays last week, so a delay itself wasn’t a surprise. However, the length of the delay was. Apple also only introduced the iPhone X in two colors, and it won’t be available for preorder until October 27.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Shouldn’t be Disregarded

Their “other” new phones may not be the stars of the show, but Apple didn’t mail it in here, either. This isn’t an iPhone 5C situation, with a second tier model featuring last year’s internals. With the same A11 Bionic processor, healthy spec bumps all around, and a new glass back, these phones shouldn’t be ignored. Also, for those who either want to keep TouchID or may be waiting for a rumored larger iPhone X next year, the iPhone 8 is more than a consolation prize.

The Apple Watch Series 3 Kind of Stole the Show

While the iPhone X was the star of the show, the Series 3 with LTE made a run for Best Supporting Actor Oscar on Tuesday. We already knew so much about the X and the rumor mill has been so obsessed for so long, that there was no way that presentation could live up to the hype.

However, the Watch actually surpassed expectations. The phone call demo really seemed to get attention, and the fact that Siri talks on the Watch now is a plus. There is also a fast-growing list of new health features, as well. However, the mention of Apple Music and AirPods integration with the new LTE feature really turned heads. This Apple Music capability combined with the Watch’s portability and battery life make it the iPod of the present and future. A lot of tech media came away wanting one after the event.

$10 a Month to Add the Apple Watch to a Cellular Plan was Expected

It sucks that every carrier in the US is changing $10 per month to add the new Watch to a plan. However, this is the same you would pay to add other smaller devices or tablets, but I was hoping someone might step out and give us a great deal to bring in some additional subscribers.

The real downer is that the $10 just gets the Watch added to a plan. It will be drawing from your existing data pool, just like everything else. The Watch shouldn’t need a crazy amount of data most of the time, but if you are streaming Apple Music regularly , it will have an impact.

Pour One Out for the Old Gold

I know it’s been a few years since Gold was the new hotness at the release of the iPhone 5S, but I wasn’t expecting to see it disappear. The Gold Sport was by far my favorite Apple Watch color, but now it is gone from the newer hardware. Oddly, so is Rose Gold, which is a little newer and still very popular.

The two have been replaced with a single new hybrid flavor of Gold that is sort of a merger of the two. I’ll need to see it in person to get a better idea, but it looks more like a toned down version of Rose Gold to me.

I will miss Gold, but I get this move. Apple already had two flavors of Gold in the lineup, and may still be planning to release devices in Blush Gold at some point. That’s an awfully large amount of one color. This move just things the field.

The 4K Apple TV is A Great Device…For Some

With an A10 X processor, plenty of power, and 4K HDR, this Apple TV still feels incomplete, but extremely solid. Right now the device should have more a niche appeal with audiophiles. While this isn’t a big niche, it’s one that Apple should be happy to embrace. Any niche is better than none at all.

Also, if Sky (the Apple TV game demo at the event) or a similarly impressive third-party app had been released at the launch of the last gen Apple TV, then the App Store on that device might have captured more attention. It looked pretty amazing in 4K HDR

Here are a few items that were rumored or expected that we didn’t get:

No Radically Different Apple TV Remote

One of the most disliked pieces of Apple hardware released over the last decade is the current gen Apple TV Remote. You can’t tell which way is up easily by feel, the touch control pad is finicky, the battery life isn’t spectacular, it is easy to misplace, and Apple pissed a lot of users and developers off by forcing Apple Remote controls for all games at the Apple TV’s initial release.

While there were a few minor changes, there was no revamp. At least not yet.

No Blush Gold for the iPhone X

The supposed new Apple color was in every leak we saw of the iPhone X for over a month. Then, right at the last minute, Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that Apple may be having even more production problems with Blush Gold iPhone X production. He did say that it may be delayed further than the White and Black Xs, so maybe we will see it early next year.

We also didn’t get a Blush Gold version of the Apple Watch, even though the color was specifically mentioned in the leaked iOS 11 Gold Master.

No Mention of iPhone X Bundles or Free Incentives

Another 11th hour iPhone X rumor was that Apple would bundle in a free period of Apple Music and a bigger tier of iCloud storage to motivate consumers. No mention was made of any such incentives.

No Speed Bump for the SE

This was an older rumor, but at one time it was commonly thought that Apple would bump the specs on the SE to match the 7. As it looks after the event, this isn’t just a timing thing. Instead, Apple has repositioned the iPhone SE at the low end with a newly lowered price. And in a very different move for them, they are keeping both the 6Ss and the 7s along with the 8 and X to make a very complete iPhone price and feature range.

STILL No Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV

Every Apple event this year has made mention of this app coming, but it still isn’t here. Seriously? I thought certainly it would release with the new Apple. hardware, but no. I think I have crossed over into “I’ll believe it when I see it” territory.

These are just a few of my thoughts. What about yours? I would love to know what your think of Apple’s Event and its contents were. Let me now in the Comments section below, on Flipboard, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.

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