How Do You Feel About a Green iPhone?

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Photo Source: MacRumors

We are near the end of the yearly iPhone rumor cycle, as Apple’s announcement is now less than a month away. However, there are still a few minor details left to trickle out. This time, they supposedly come from a former Foxconn employee.

According to Slashleaks (via MacRumors), said former employee claims that there will be a few subtle changes to the soon-to-be announced iPhone 11. First off, as seen in the photo above, the re-designed back of the phone will no longer feature the iPhone branding. That seems a little odd, but we are at the point when the iPhone is completely recognizable. If Apple is looking for for a more minimalist look, then this is one way to do it.

The second rumor is more interesting. It says that the coming iPhone 11 and 11 Pro (if that rumor is to be believed) will be available in a dark green finish. It is different, but not completely out of the realm of possibility, or even without precedent. There has actually been a green iPhone before, but it was a lime shade on the short-lived iPhone 5C. In fact, according to reports from both MacOkatara and Mark Gurman, lime green will be making an encore appearance on this year’s update to the iPhone XR.

However, this new rumor isn’t about the new iPhone XR. It’s about the upper echelon iPhones. Dark green seems like an odd fit on the surface, as all other upper-tier iPhones have sported more neutral and precious metal colors. Still, such a move isn’t without precedent. Apple was running on year three of the iPhone 6 design with the iPhone 7. To generate a little additional interest, they added additional Matte Black and Jet Black colors for a more unique look. While these were still familiar neutral tones, its the reason for their appearance that feels familiar.

Depending on the shade, dark green isn’t outlandish and would still fit the traditional iPhone aesthetic. The little bit of interest it could generate, along with a new matte finish on the back of the phone, should draw the attention of some buyers who want a top-flight iPhone, but are also looking for something a little different. All things considered, I wouldn’t be surprised by this, either way.

I like dark green, so I can’t say that I wouldn’t want an iPhone in this shade without seeing it first. I blew off the gold iPhone 5S years ago and then ended up buying one after I saw the reveal, so I won’t jump to conclusions this time around. Who knows, a dark green back with gold accents and logo could be right up my alley.


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