If Target is Correct, it’s Going to be an Expensive March for Apple Fans

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Photo Source: Jon Prosser via Twitter

I think we all know an Apple event is coming within the next six weeks at this point. We also have a pretty good idea that one or more iPad Pros is coming at that event, along with a new iPhone. However, there are rumors of other new Apple goodies that may or may not arrive at the same time. Today brings more of these reports from an unlikely source.

According to reports from AppleInsider and Jon Prosser via Twitter, Target’s inventory system may have some placeholders for some other items that have also been mentioned. The most notable, and one that I have been excited about since the rumors first started, is Apple’s new headphones.

According to this Target placeholder for “Apple AirPods (Generation X),” this new product will arrive in March and will be priced at $399. Yeah, that price is pretty high for headphones, but it’s actually right in line with Bose’s 700s, which are the current industry standard for over-the-ear noise cancelling cans.

Considering that Apple’s Beats Solo Pro headphones, which I bought and reported on last year, performed as well or better than their similarly priced on-ear competition, I would expect these new Apple-branded phones to be in line with Bose’s best. As much as I love and still use the Solo Pros, I really would prefer completely over-the-ear cans, so I love this news. Take my money, Apple.

Photo Source: 9to5Mac

Target’s inventory also has placeholders for an updated Apple TV and new Watch bands. Both of these products sound completely reasonable, as the current Apple TV 4K is a few years old and Apple comes out with new bands every Spring. Neither of them really interest me, but they fit this event.

As for the iPod Touch placeholder priced at $399? Yeah, I’m not so sure about that one. The Touch was updated just last May and there is little chance one will sell will at that price. But everything else reported from the sources above sounds very reasonable. According to a few of these sources, Target employees have confirmed that, while the images and names are just placeholders, the prices and dates usually end up being correct for new products.

So a new iPad Pro and new Apple headphones together equal a very expensive March for me and other Apple fans. However, these are two products I am definitely looking forward to testing and using, and based on how good their predecessors are, they should both be extremely strong. Time to start selling and saving.


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