iOS 13 at WWDC

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Here’s what’s coming in iOS 13, straight from WWDC.

New Performance Features

  • 50% smaller apps, with 60% smaller updates.
  • Apps launch twice as fast because of this.

Dark Mode

  • Finally. This has only been coming for four years now.
  • It is good to have this consistent and system-wide now.


  • Swiping is finally built-in.
  • Again, it’s about time.

New App Improvements

  • Safari: Per site preferences and text sizing
  • Notes: A new gallery view
  • Mail: New rich text formatting options
  • Reminders: A complete redesign with new grouping options
  • Maps: Being rebuilt with old-fashioned drivers doing manual mapping. Much higher detailed. Rolled out across the US this year.

More on Maps

  • Favorites
  • Collections
  • Trip planning and sharing
  • Look Around feels a LOT like Google Street View. How far will this feature go?
  • Look Around looks VERY smooth in the demo.
  • Share ETA en route
  • Private and secure- Here comes the dig at Google. “No need to flip a switch for privacy.”

App Location and Data Tracking

  • Share location per request
  • Reports on what is being shared.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi tracking is blocked.
  • Apple’s answer to tracking via third-party login: Sign In With Apple
  • If you want to block access to your email address, Apple will create a random forwarding address. This makes shutting off notifications very easy.
  • HomeKit- HomeKit Secure Video. Home security video is analyzed locally and then encrypted before being sent to the cloud. The video storage also won’t count against iCloud storage.
  • HomeKit for Routers- Apple will firewall off HomeKit devices using compatible routers.


  • Messages will now come with a name and photo or Memoji.
  • New Memoji stuff like eyeshadow, piercings, teeth, lipsicks, more hair options and hats. You can even add AirPods.
  • Memoji Stickers- Auto-generated packs based on your existing Memojis.
  • Memoji stickers and editor will be available on all A9 devices and later

Camera and Photos

  • Portrait Lighting Upgrades. New Options and intensity settings.
  • New Photo Editing controls.
  • Video Editing now built into the Photos app. Includes rotation, filters, etc.
  • New Photos browsing options.

Siri, AirPods, HomePod and CarPlay

  • Instant message reading and instant responses. Very nice, if there are easy controls.
  • This works with other messaging apps through SiriKit, as well.
  • Audio Sharing with a single device tap.
  • HandOff for HomePod, finally. Just hold the iPhone close to hand off or get audio back to the iPhone.
  • 100,000 Live Radio Stations for listening built in.
  • HomePod can now recognize individual voices and customize to them.
  • Shortcuts- Personalized multi-step Shortcut suggestions in the app
  • Neural Text to Speech- Siri’s voice is now completely digitally generated. It is more fluid and less stilted. It is noticeably smoother and less robotic.



Breaking…Stay Tuned.

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