iPhone XS Max And Apple Watch Series 4 Preorder Accomplished!

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As much as I complain about the 1:45 AM wake up call and the 2 AM preorder, I have to admit it was pretty painless this year.

I was able to get in using the Apple Store app on my iPhone X by 2:02 AM, and I was processed and done a minute later. Then I went on to my Favorites and ordered the Apple Watch Series 4 that I had saved there. I was completely done by 2:04. Not bad, Apple. Not bad.

I got a confirmation email on the Watch order almost immediately. It took a little longer for the iPhone for some reason, even though that order was placed first. That worried me for a sec, but the email came and I’m done.

Thankfully, both devices are set for delivery next Friday, so I will be covering my experience with them here from the moment I open the boxes.

If you are still up and in the preorder “line,” good luck to you!

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