Is Apple Done Releasing Hardware for 2019?

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A week ago yesterday, Apple announced their new AirPods Pro with a press release and got the tech world talking. For those of us who ordered early enough or found them in stock, they arrived just a few days later. It was easy to assume they wouldn’t be the only new Apple items released before the Christmas shopping season, either, as Apple rolled out a few new items over consecutive days back in the Spring via press releases.

It certainly looked like a pattern that would be repeated. There was solid evidence that more hardware was waiting in the wings, as recent OS betas have revealed assets related to a new MacBook, new Apple trackers (supposedly called AirTags), and Smart Battery Cases. There was also speculation that Apple might release a new Apple TV to go along with their new Apple TV+ streaming service that debuted last Friday.

However, the rest of last week came and went with no press releases and no news. No MacBook. No tiles. No set top box. Most definitely no new iPad Pro or anything else that substantial. No cases, Watch bands or small accessories, either. So what gives?

I have no clue and if anyone does, they aren’t talking, at least not yet. Maybe the MacBook isn’t ready and will come next year. The AirTags weren’t ready for the iPhone launch and they may not be now, either. The only thing I can offer is that, if any other hardware is coming, it would need to be soon. As in this week or the beginning of next week soon. The Christmas shopping season will be in full swing in a couple of weeks and anything not available before well before Black Friday will get left out in the cold. Many stores are already leaking and advertising their sale and special items, so Apple is already behind the curve for a Fall 2019 launch at this point.

To be honest, I’m pretty surprised nothing else has come out since the AirPods Pro. There is a lot of pent up demand for a new MacBook with a better keyboard. If the rumors of a new 16″ version also having a physical escape key and independent TouchID along with a TouchBar, then that demand should only increase. It would likely sell well with a holiday release. That said, I’m far more surprised that the AirTags and Smart Battery Cases haven’t hit store shelves and I will be even more shocked if they don’t land soon. Being smaller and less expensive items, they would both likely make very popular Apple Holiday gifts.

So if I were a gambling man, I’d put the chances of Apple releasing new Smart Battery Cases at 70%, the AirTags at 50% and the 16″ MacBook at 30%. That’s my opinion, but be advised that I was also convinced a new iPad Pro was coming until three weeks ago, so take it for what it’s worth.




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