Jean-Louis Gassée Nails It

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Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée has been known to tell it like it is when it comes to his old company. It is always worth listening to, as he has a very unique perspective on Apple, from both the inside and the outside. He also brings a wealth of general knowledge of the tech industry, having done everything from working at HP in the early days of computing, founding his own company and creating BeOS from the ground up after leaving Apple, spending time working on PalmOS, and most recently working as a venture capitalist.

I’ve enjoyed reading Gassée’s contributions to Monday Note for a while now, as his writing is both well-informed and approachable. I particularly enjoyed today’s entry, as he went weapons hot on analysts and tech journalists who got Apple’s previous quarter all wrong. I had a feeling he would be going after them, but he really outdid himself. I particularly enjoyed the comments calling out Ewan Spence of Forbes, as he is absolutely the worst of the worst when it comes to Apple trolls.

Gassée also had words for the analysts still calling Apple’s modest growth numbers into question, with comments such as this:

Nonetheless, some dismissed the increased iPhone sales as “up just 3% from the same period a year earlier”, using what Hans Rosling calls an “orphan number”, a number without context. Here, the missing context is the overall decrease in worldwide smartphone sales; according to Gartner, overall sales were down 5.6% in Q4 2017 compared to the same 2016 quarter.

Mr Gassée also has some interesting insight into more accurate metrics for tracking Apple’s sales, but I suggest you read this in his own words, as this article is well worth the time to read. There is another interesting point about Siri pointing toward WWDC that stands out as unique among rundowns of Apple’s earnings conference call, as well. Again, I highly recommend reading the article, and if you haven’t read his work at Monday Note before, you might want to bookmark the site for future reference.

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