Looks Like the New LCD iPhone May Come in More Colors After All

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Photo Source: 9to5Mac

There are new, and this time much more credible, rumors that the new less expensive iPhone with an LCD screen will come in a variety of colors to set it apart from the rest of the lineup. However, while the first report showed an iPhone with awful looking variants of green and purple that came out of India, these new rumors come courtesy of our old friend Ming-Chi Kuo, and should much more realistic. Even in his new gig, he is evidently still paying attention to Apple. Old habits die hard, I guess.

According to Kuo, the new LCD iPhone will come in Blue, Red, and Orange as shown above, as well as the more traditional Grey (probably Space Grey), and White. While I think it makes sense for Apple to use color to differentiate the less expensive LCD iPhone from the rest of the lineup, it is interesting to see them going back to a tactic last used on the iPhone 5C. That is widely considered to be the least successful iPhone ever released, at least based on sales and public perception. However, the biggest issue with the 5C was the plastic construction, and the “cheap” perception that came with it. There was also the fact that the 5C really wasn’t that much less expensive than the 5S. In comparison with its more premium looking and feeling sibling, there was no contest.

In this case, the LCD iPhone will still have a glass back, just like the iPhone 8, the iPhone X, and the other new iPhones this year. With the construction not being an issue, I have a feeling that the colors themselves won’t be a problem, and may actually prove to drive some additional sales. I certainly don’t think this will be a problem as long as the colors look good. And who am I kidding? This is Apple. They do a pretty good job of nailing device colors right out of the box.

Kuo also states that Apple will be rolling out a Gold version of the iPhone X Plus, to go with Black and White. Thanks to the FCC, we know that Apple had planned on releasing a Gold version of the X, but never pulled the trigger for whatever reason. It makes perfect sense for them to release the new color now to set the new flagship plus-sized iPhone apart.

I’m going to take a dose of my own medicine, and remind everyone that these rumors aren’t worth the electrons they occupy in cyberspace until Tim Cook is standing on stage at Apple Park showing us pictures of the new iPhones. However, if Kuo is reporting this, there is reason to believe that there are at least plans to release some, if not all, of these colors.

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