More Evidence that an Apple Event is Coming Soon

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Photo Source: SlashLeaks

I was starting to wonder about whether Apple might pass on a Fall event this year. Last week there was a Ming-Chi Kuo report claiming that Apple would have a new iPad Pro in the first quarter next year, which would line up with the usual 16-18 month cycle that the device has kept to since release. Considering the lack of iPad Pro hardware leaks, this one made me wonder. Then Neil Cybart tweeted Apple’s event announcement timeframes over the last few years a couple of days ago and we are now outside of the shortest one, which was 11 days.

To be fair, Cybart isn’t necessarily saying there won’t be an event, but that it will likely come in early November, rather than October. However, with complete radio silence from Apple and only spotty rumors on possible new hardware, it’s easy to question if an event is about to happen. Until today, that is.

There were a couple of new rumors today pointing to two devices that have been associated with this event in recent weeks. First off, there is a report from the China Economic Daily today saying that the 3rd gen version of the AirPods will be released at an Apple Fall event. Another tidbit here is that they predict the new earbuds will be dubbed the AirPods Pro. Considering that Apple just introduced the Pro moniker to the iPhone lineup, I could see this happening.

I was absolutely convinced that there was no way Apple would release a 3rd gen version of the AirPods just six months after the 2nd gen came out. However, if Apple isn’t replacing those AirPods, but simply adding a slightly higher-end version to the lineup, then maybe this timeframe makes a little more sense than I thought a few months ago.

While new AirPods have come, gone and come again to the Fall event rumor mill, the 16″ MacBook Pro has been a mainstay. According to French-language site macGeneration earlier today, the latest betas of macOS Catalina has images that may turn out to be the new machine.

Photo Source: macGeneration

This machine has been expected for a while, but seeing images and icons depicting devices inside macOS and iOS Betas has been as good a predictor of impending releases as anything else we’ve seen in recent years. This is a very good indication that the new MacBook is ready to go and coming soon.

While these two reports don’t mean an event within the next few weeks is a done deal, they certainly fit the usual narrative. When hardware gets close to release, the supply chain leaks start to flow. I still find it interesting that we haven’t seen much on a new iPad Pro, but if Mr Cybart is correct, there is still a little time before Tim Cook will take the stage again.

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