More iPhone Rumor Flip-Flops

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These days, the rumor mill is feeling like a swinging pendulum. A little over a month ago, we had the rumor that one of the new iPhones would have a plastic, multi-colored body. That one never sounded realistic, but that didn’t keep it from making the rounds. More recently, there was the story that three of the coming iPhones would have OLED displays. This went against months of reports that the 6.1″ least expensive model would have an LCD screen in the interest of keeping the cost down. That didn’t prevent it from hitting all of the big Apple blogs and many other tech sites. Now the rumor mill is flip-flopping again.

The latest report re-confirms that the 6.1″ model will, in fact, have an LCD screen. Shocker. This is the only move that makes any sense at all for Apple, as having three phone models so close to each other in size with no major differentiating factors would be beyond strange. Having OLED on all three would also force the prices of all three too close together.

Here is what’s really happening. The LCD phone didn’t leave the coming iPhone lineup and then return again. No one at Apple had a change of heart. This was an unsubstantiated rumor that everyone ran wild with, using headlines that made it sound as if the information was actually solid. It wasn’t, and that is absolutely obvious looking back.

One thing to note is that, while the Wall Street Journal gets the story right, the headline misses the mark, as it completely ignores the reality of Apple’s last quarterly results. Buyers haven’t balked at the iPhone X’s price tag, as it is still battling back and forth with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its own little brother, the iPhone 8, for the top spot in worldwide smartphone sales. Now, the second line is right on target, as a new, less expensive model with the look of the iPhonee X and most of the same features should sell even better. That doesn’t mean that buyers are balking at the price tag of the X.

Rumors and headlines- the bottom line is that you can’t trust them. At least not this far out from the release of the new iPhones. By the end of August we should start to get some real information, and then by September, the rumors should become more consistent as people actually get their hands on real hardware. Until then, forget the grain of salt. Just ignore whatever iPhone rumors that you see that don’t come from the top two or three sources for Apple leaks.

James Rogers

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