New Goodies Start Arriving Today. Time To Look Forward to Another Event

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That’s the way it goes in the tech world. By the time the new thing arrives, the news cycle is already well on to the next thing. This goes double with Apple. As the new iPhones 11 and Apple Watches arrive in the hands of eager buyers (including myself) later today, there have already been a lot of reports on what seems to be an inevitable October event, as well as a lot of rumors on next year’s iPhone. Yeah, the tech press isn’t known for its patience waiting for the next leak or story.

I’m not one for obsessing about the 2020 iPhone a full year out. There’s time enough for that in 2020. However, another Apple event in October is a different story. It’s just around the corner and holds the promise of a new iPad Pro, among other things. We are all about new iPad Pros here.

The main thing we’ve heard about new iPad Pros has to do with cameras, so far. The iPhone still has a way of sucking all of the air out of the proverbial room, but now that the 11 and 11 Pro are hitting the streets, attention should start to shift and more rumors regarding the new hardware should start to emerge.

According to several reports, the new iPads will get the same triple camera system as the new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. While I don’t do much photography work with my iPads, it would be nice to take advantage of the enhanced low light capabilities for work. I often use my iPad Pro to work on estimates and the pictures I do take are often in low light. It would be nice to have Night Mode at my disposal to help with that.

The bigger upgrade is the one we all know is coming- the processor. The A13X is likely to be an absolute beast. Combined with the new iPadOS, it should really be something else. The A12X is no slouch running the beta on current hardware, so it will be interesting to see if Apple adds anything new to take advantage of what should be an overabundance of horsepower. Maybe some details of other new features that will harness all this power will come soon.

So what else is coming in this October event? There’s been rumors of a new 16″ MacBook Pro for a few months now. Since it didn’t come during the iPhone event, October is the logical landing spot. The interesting thing with this device should be the newly redesigned keyboard, which should spell the beginning of the end for the butterfly mechanism.

There were a few rumors of a new, less expensive HomePod that may be coming this year. If so, it would likely land at this event. With that product line being as new as it is, I wouldn’t expect new hardware to be handled in a press release. If it is coming, October is the optimal time so Apple can take advantage of the holiday shopping season.

The story may be different for a new Apple TV. It’s probably about time for a refresh, but with this hardware having been around a while, it’s a toss up as to whether it would be revealed at an event or in a release.

This is an interesting device to me now because of Apple’s new TV+ and Arcade services, especially the latter. I know Apple is licensing its TV app out to some smart tvs now, and others are including AirPlay2. These make the Apple TV hardware less necessary for their new streaming service. However, there is still potential for Apple to provide a better gaming experience on the big screen using an Apple TV with the right combo of price and specs. If they do reveal this hardware at their next event, I will be very interested to see how big a role Arcade plays in the messaging.

The other rumors that have been out there have been more sporadic. There’s one saying that the 3rd gen AirPods will land at this event, but that puts them in the same model year as the 2nd gen. It is possible, but I can’t help but doubt that Apple goes this route.

There have also been a few mentions of a new Apple-branded set of headphones with the same wireless chipset and features as the AirPods. I love my AirPods for their portability and convenience, but I would buy these headphones in an instant for better sound quality. I imagine they would have some really solid battery life, as well. I know I could get a pair of Beats, but I have a feeling that an Apple-branded set will be more neutrally balanced, which I would prefer. The Beats are just too bass-heavy for me.

There could always be more in an October event, but this is definitely enough to fill one to two hours of time. It will be interesting to see just how much of this list does arrive. My money is on the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro, with a brief segment on a new Apple TV in conjunction with the official rollout of TV+. I think we see the rest next year, if at all. But that’s just me.

Now it’s time to focus on the goodies that will arrive later today. I am getting an 11 Pro Max in Midnight Green and two Series 5 Watches, one Aluminum and one Stainless to try out. I will be giving daily entries of my experience with all of the above over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

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