So the New MacBook Pro’s Keyboard HAS Been Redesigned

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A couple of days ago, I posted about the release of the new MacBook Pro. The detail that has garnered the most coverage and interest is the keyboard, and whether Apple has chosen to try and solve the issues with dirt and grit causing key failures now, or in a future Pro update. At the time, I said that it looks like Apple either made changes and wouldn’t admit it because of the potential negative impact on pending lawsuits, or decided to wait until the next major re-design of the MacBook Pro.

Well, now we know that Apple has decided to make an interesting change to the new Pro’s keyboard that likely has more to do with stopping the intrusion of foreign debris than making the keys quieter. According to iFixit, Apple has included a new rubberized gasket that covers the butterfly key mechanism. In fact, as The Verge, iFixit and others have pointed out, Apple has a patent for this application dating back to 2016.

Photo Source: iFixit

It is interesting that Apple told The Verge’s Dieter Bohn directly that the changes were not designed to solve the issues with dust and grit intrusion into the keyboard mechanism. Maybe they aren’t sure this is a 100% fix, since as far as anyone has said, this is the first time Apple has used this gasket seal. Maybe this is all about the combo of Marketing and Legal being scared of their own shadows.

We may never know the exact details surrounding the keyboard changes in this MacBook Pro update for certain. However, it looks like the new MacBook Pro is a step toward fixing an issue that has caused many an Apple fan headaches and frustration. Hopefully for Apple, time will prove this to be the case.

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