Sounds Like Apple’s Spring Event Will Be Delayed [Updated]

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Or maybe a more fitting title would be Tim Cook Strikes Back

I posted yesterday about Apple’s long-rumored Spring Event featuring new iPad Pros being “delayed.” Based on some information that came out after I wrote that post, it looks like that event wasn’t delayed at all, because it never existed in the first place.

Yeah, I know that I said I was confident there was an event planned for March that was delayed because three reputable sources had predicted it. However, it now looks like Apple purposely fed this information to these leakers to show them up.

I guess Tim is getting tired of everything leaking ahead of events. Well, at least if it’s leaking from “non-approved” sources. In a twist of the knife that I’m pretty sure was not accidental, Mark Gurman had some new iPad Pro details and mentioned the April release in a new Bloomberg article yesterday.

The timing is just a little too convenient for this to not all be coordinated by Apple. That tells me a couple of things. First, I think it’s clear that Gurman is the unofficial source of choice for Apple right now. He’s a legit reporter working for an established outlet, rather than a random guy with a YouTube channel or an anonymous Twitter user. His posts at Bloomberg are pretty much 100% on the money.

This certainly doesn’t meant that guys like Jon Prosser don’t have their sources. They absolutely do and they will get it right on many occasions. However, I think Gurman is getting approved leaks from a 100% reliable source, while the rest of the pack will have to sort through misinformation. Sometimes they will get bit, as we saw on this occasion. When you have someone like Prosser who is leaking EVERYTHING they hear from more than one source, they will be more likely to swing and miss on occasion.

Secondly, we may be seeing Apple step up its efforts to combat leaks. They’ve talked about it in the past, but the last two years have seen a LOT of releases and new features spoiled ahead of time. Now we have what looks like a coordinated misinformation attack against three well-known Apple leakers at the same time that Apple is suing a former employee for giving away trade secrets. I know the former and latter are different kinds of leaks, but they both show Apple taking steps to stop to flow of information out of the company.

Maybe this is all just coincidence and I am reading too much into the timing. However, it looks like Apple may be firing a couple of warning shots at both those who spread leaks, and their employees who hand over the information. If that’s the case, it will be interesting to see how that cat and mouse game plays out over time.

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