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Take a Look At Bloomberg’s Excellent Profile on Tim Cook

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Tim Cook

If you haven’t already seen it, Austin Carr and Mark Gurman published an interesting and very well-sourced profile on Tim Cook’s time at Apple.

The article covers parts of Cook’s entire career at Apple, starting from his early days at the company after coming over from Compaq in the late 90s, through to his rise to CEO as Steve Jobs fell ill, and ultimately to Apple’s meteoric rise here in the present. Not only does this article cover Cook’s decisions and skill as an organizer and operations manager, it gets into his personality, with special focus on how he relates to others and his work philosophy.

This article also shows just how much Tim Cook has changed Apple since taking the helm. I think a lot of people have the impression that Cook has just been the man at the head of Steve Jobs’ company, when that really isn’t the case today. I like that the article sheds some light on the ways that Cooks has reshaped the company according to his approach. It’s hard to argue with the results.

No article on Tim Cook would be complete without getting into the massive impact he’s had on manufacturing, specifically moving it overseas and streamlining it at levels the rest of the industry had never seen. This piece also gets into Apple’s more recent difficulties in dealing with China, both politically and ethically. That also inexorably leads into discussions of politics here at home, including the very recent fights Apple has found itself in over antitrust issues. This piece covers it all in a way that flows quite well.

There is certainly no shortage of articles on Tim Cook’s time as the CEO of Apple, but this one is different. First off, it’s hard to find a better close perspective on the company than you can get from Bloomberg, especially when Mark Gurman is involved. However, what really sets this piece apart is how phenomenally well-sourced it is. The article is loaded with quotes and impressions from people inside of Apple and others outside of the company who know or have dealt with Cook. That gives this profile a personal touch and insight on the man beyond just opinion and conjecture that most others lack.


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