The Early iPad Pro Reviews Are In, and They Are Very Positive

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For riff-raff like myself, the process of reviewing the new iPad Pro models will begin tomorrow. However, today was the day for the lucky few in the tech media who got an early look at Apple’s latest goodies. I’m not jealous at all.

That aside, there are several insightful and thoughtful reviews that range from glowing to conservatively positive that hit the web today. The only complaints mentioned were price and practicality, and those are legitimate concerns considering the recent sales struggles of the iPad line. However, as for the hardware itself, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Most are also very upbeat about the iPad’s future thanks to the changes coming in iOS 11.

Here are some of my favorite of the early reviews:

Rene Ritchie- iMore

One thing I respect about Mr RItchie is that, even though he is an unabashed Apple fanboy, he still keeps a very level head about things, and isn’t afraid to call Apple on the carpet when it’s warranted. He is also one of the few well-known tech writers who avoids click-bait like the plague. However, those issues don’t come into play here because of how good these new devices are.

Mr Ritchie’s reviews are some of the most comprehensive you will find, but in a good way. He really covers all the bases here is a detailed way. Also, while the review is glowing, he starts out telling you who the new iPad Pros are made for, and who likely won’t be interested.

Serenity Caldwell- iMore

Ms Caldwell’s review is far shorter and more subjective than her counterpart’s. However, it is also done from the practical perspective of a digital artist, which is obviously a huge focus of the iPad Pros paired with the Apple Pencil.

Dieter Bohn- The Verge

Where Rene Ritchie’s review is glowing, Bohn’s is more understated while actually saying many of the same things. He flat out says that the new iPad Pros are basically Apple showing off, because there are no other tablets in the same class. However, that automatically means that the iPad Pro is now even more of a laptop competitor. As such, Mr Bohn’s major concern is price, and the fact that most people expect a premium laptop, or that level of features, for that amount of money. He recommends anyone who isn’t sure about whether that will work for them wait until iOS 11 is out to make up their minds.

Mr Bohn’s take is far more lukewarm than most, even while taking a very positive view of the hardware. That’s why I included his review here. It’s good to take in differing viewpoints.

Andrew Cunningham- Ars Technica

The focus here is on the lovely screen and the promise of iOS 11 when it arrives in full.

David Pierce- Wired

Mr Pierce focuses a good bit on the amount of improvement in the new iPad Pros over their predecessors. He does also raise the point that the improvements in the hardware don’t mean as much until iOS 11 is released, and doesn’t recommend that existing users run out and buy one until time runs out on their current model.

John Gruber- Daring Fireball

What compendium of Apple reviews would be complete without hearing from Mr Gruber? His review is the one of the shorter of the group, but in a good way. He hits the highlights and gets right to the point. One place where he does provide some intriguing details is on processor performance, where he breaks down how well the iPad stacks up against the MacBook Pro in pure performance.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my first takes on both new iPad Pro models. As always, if you have any questions or requests while I am looking at Apple’s latest hardware, you can let me know in the Comments section below, on Flipboard, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.

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