There Are Some New Apple Deals As We Get Close To WWDC

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With WWDC only a week away, there are a couple of new Apple deals that have come to light. The first is their new no-interest Apple Card payment plans for Macs, iPads and their accessories, HomePods, Apple TV, AirPods Pro, AirPods and other devices. These new plans, which are similar to one unveiled for the iPhone last year, were rumored last week. While the Apple Watch is strangely absent, these plans should prove to be very popular and get more Apple fans interested in the Apple Card.

Another story that started making the rounds last week is that Apple is finally getting around to releasing a services bundle. It’s about time, considering that the company has so many different subscriptions available at this point.

9to5Mac first came upon code related to a subscription bundle in iOS 13.5.5 and noted that the same code did not appear in earlier versions. At the very least this shows that Apple thinking about doing this and is at least doing some testing. So the questions that remain are whether Apple will abandon what they are working on or follow through with this bundle at WWDC and what services such a bundle would include. As for the first question, it’s anyone’s guess, but I think a services bundle is overdue by at least a year. If Apple wants more people involved in their services ecosystem, this is the way and now is the time.

As for what Apple services would be included in a bundle, you can rule one out right off the top. The Financial Times (via 9to5Mac) reported back in March that Apple’s renegotiated contracts for Apple Music did not include stipulations for bundling the service. That means a combo that looks something like iCloud, Apple News+ and either Apple Arcade or Apple TV+ is the most likely outcome. That would certainly make sense for me, as well as plenty of other Apple users.

Apple has one more new deal for the students in your life. Students who purchase a new Mac or iPad starting today will get a free pair of 2nd gen AirPods. We don’t have an end date yet, but this special should run up until back-to-school time in late summer. A free pair of AirPods is not a bad value-add at all. If you prefer wireless charging, an extra $40 will get you the AirPods Wireless Charging Case. If you can’t live without the AirPods Pro, and extra $90 will get you some very reasonably priced noise cancellation.

With one week to go until WWDC, this should be just the tip of the iceberg for fresh Apple news.


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