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There Will Be a Battle of Apple Leakers Tomorrow

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Mark Gurman. Jon Prosser. L0vetodream. Komiya. LeaksApplePro. Some are well-known and others are up-and-coming. Some release rumors and information often and others sparingly. What do they have in common right now? All of them have predictions for what Apple will do tomorrow, with some bits and pieces lining up and others not so much.

Apple leakers and analysts differ with their information all the time, but it’s rare that we get so many with predictions on the record for a single event or release. Tomorrow give us a chance to see a few of these leakers go head to head, which will be new and at least a little interesting.

So here is how the field lines up at the moment. First you have Jon Prosser, who has been the most prolific of the high profile Apple leakers this year. He made a prediction a few weeks ago that Apple would be releasing this year’s Apple Watches and iPads (the iPad and iPad Air) this week. He has stuck with that prediction and restated it again yesterday.

He also weighed in again yesterday, which seemed to kick things into high gear:

That was followed by Mark Gurman with this little nugget:

So there we have two of the big dogs going toe-to-toe on whether tomorrow is Apple release day one of three for the fall, or just a preview of coming attractions. It’s pretty cut and dried this time- one will be right and the other will be wrong. There’s no gray area between these predictions.

Well known Apple leaker @L0vetodream has a very good track record. One of the best, in fact. However, this person only weighs in occasionally and this case is no different, This prediction only covers one small detail, but it does differ with Prosser:

We also have a slight difference of opinion on event time and possibly event content from @LeaksApplePro on Twitter. His predictions are far less firm, as you can see below.

I thought it was interesting that LeaksApplePro presented some potential conflict among his sources, which could account for two pretty reliable leakers like Jon Prosser and Mark Gurman having divergent information. It almost makes me wonder if Apple is intentionally spreading some misinformation around this event.

And then we have Komiya, who doesn’t have the track record of some of these other leakers quite yet, but is certainly trying to build one fast. He releases even more material than Prosser at this point. He largely agrees with Prosser on what will be released tomorrow, with an interesting added detail.

And to close things out, Jon Prosser had one last tweet a few minutes ago. It seems that everyone is sticking to their guns.

Tomorrow should be interesting indeed.

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