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Waiting for the Beta

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IPadOS Multitasking App Switcher

I’m struggling with patience this year, or maybe lack thereof. Normally I’m right there with the early birds, jumping into the first beta on most of my devices on day one. That gives me no end of things to write and talk about as all of the new features are uncovered. But not this year.

I’ve waited a few days on the early reports on Beta 1 bugs a couple of times. I’ve even waited for Beta 2 to show up before making the jump before. This year is the first time since I started running betas around iOS 4 that I’ve had to wait beyond the release of Beta 2.

Unfortunately, no matter what anyone else tells you, Apple’s betas won’t start getting stable until at least the release of the Public Betas. iOS 12, which was mostly bug fixes. is one of the few exceptions to this. Most early betas are like fun little hardware wrecking balls the first couple of weeks. If you are loading onto your primary devices, there is definitely risk involved and anyone who does this regularly knows it. Sometimes apps won’t work. Normally reliable services like iMessage will break down. Devices will reset. And then there’s the inevitable battery drain, which is especially bad early on.

If you have extra devices or older ones lying around, that’s a great way to try out Apple’s Beta OSs out without the risks taking a toll on your primary devices. Unfortunately, I find myself without any of those this year and in a very demanding period at work. Because of this, I just couldn’t afford to risk breakdowns during Beta 1. Thanks to some of the reports I’ve seen on Twitter, I’m glad I waited.

I was ready to go ahead and take the plunge with my iPad Pro when Beta 2 released, and it just so happens that was today. However, my day job isn’t the only work that requires a working iPad, and I got an email from Brydge this afternoon that has me waiting a bit longer. Evidently there is a bug in the iPadOS 15 betas that is causing slowdowns and choppiness with movement of the cursor when using a trackpad or mouse. That’s kind of problem when you are trying to finish up reviewing an accessory like Brydge’s 12.9 Max+, which features the largest trackpad on any iPad Pro accessory.

While the timing was ironic, I’m glad I got this email before trying to download and install the iPadOS 15 Beta this evening. I really appreciate Brydge’s willingness to send me a review unit of the Max+ so I could take an early look at what I’m finding to be a great new iPad Pro keyboard case. The least I can do is make sure I’m doing what’s necessary to get an accurate look at its capabilities. It’s worth holding off a little bit longer to get this review right before taking the plunge into iPadOS 15.

Along with venting a tiny bit of frustration at having to wait on the latest toys (I know, first world problems), I also thought it was worth mentioning this bug that the kind folks at Brydge tipped me off to. I know the drill, so I’m not taking any shots at Apple. Betas usually have bugs like these early on and beta periods are when issues like this get found and fixed. I’m sure this one will, as well.

However, if you are already running iPadOS 15 and either have a keyboard case with a trackpad, or you use Magic Trackpad or a mouse, keep an eye out for this cursor bug. If you start having some problems that you didn’t notice before, understand that it’s likely not your hardware and that it will hopefully be resolved within a week or two.

And if you want to know more about Brydge’s 12.9 Max+, you can check out my First Look from last week here, and stay tuned for my full review, which should be out by Monday.


James Rogers

I am a Christian husband and father of 3 living in the Southeastern US. I have worked as a programmer and project manager in the Commercial and Industrial Automation industry for over 19 years, so I am hands on with technology almost every day. However, my passion in technology is for mobile devices, specifically Apple's iOS and iPadOS hardware and software. My favorite is still the iPad.

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3 thoughts on “Waiting for the Beta”

  1. I haven’t had a stress free experience with an early iOS beta since ios 7 beta was first released. Ah, the good old days! I had a rarely used iPad Mini 2 that I used for the ios 10 beta when it came out. It turned that device from a rarely used device to an unusable device. The reports for ios 11 were so bad I waited till almost the general release to install the last one or two betas, didn’t help, that was a disaster even after the final release. Since then I tend to wait till the end of the summer to decide whether I’ll jump in or not.

    1. Being a writer, I really NEED to upgrade on at least one device. I may need to pick up a 2017 Pro or similar to keep around for a couple of years for this purpose.

  2. I took the plunge and installed Beta 2 on my 11” M1 Pro and iPhone Xr. So far I find it pretty stable – no crashes or major bugs. Despite the “boring” nature on the surface I feel that it makes a huge shift in the usability. A few highlights for me: Notes: Quick Notes and tags – YES! Focus – finally works across ALL devices! I have a Fitness Focus that changes the screen on my iPhone automatically when I start a workout on my Watch. App Library and Widgets, just to name a few. Oh – the new Maps… everything feels fluid and seamless as of the OS lives up the fabulous M1 hardware. If they’d just fix external screen support the iPad Pro could be my main device.

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