We Have Pretty Solid Confirmation of the Shapes of New Apple Devices

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Photo Source: 9to5Mac

Not all Apple device rumors are equal, and neither are their sources. As we get closer to the arrival of new hardware, the real rumors will start coming in, and reputable people will be able to substantiate them. In our first case, we have a report from a very reliable person- Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac.

It isn’t just the leaker, either. This information also comes from a source that proved to be very reliable last year- iOS Beta Code. His proved to be the first solid information that confirmed the shape of the iPhone X and its notch. In the case of the new iPad Pros icons pictured above, which come from iOS’s battery usage UI, we have pretty convincing proof that there won’t be a notch this time out. When you think about it, this makes sense. There is naturally more room available in the larger iPad frame, and a small residual bezel should be enough for the components necessary for Face ID. However, I still wouldn’t have been surprised if Apple included a small version here to tie the branding of these two iOS devices together.

The same Mr Rambo also spotted code relating to the size and shape of the coming larger phone everyone is currently referring to as the iPhone X Plus.

Photo Source: Guilherme Rambo via Twitter

This time, the information was found in iOS 12’s PassKitUIFoundation. If nothing else, this glyph is pretty solid confirmation that a larger iPhone with a notch is coming. Combine this report with information from BGR that an iPhone with a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920, which is higher than the existing Plus models, was spotted browsing their site, with a report from Brazilian site iHelpBR revealing iOS 12 code showing iPad-like enhanced landscape modes for default apps, and we have a clearer picture of this new device forming. It looks like the new Plus-sized iPhone will be a premium product with a high resolution and some enhanced features that set it apart from the pack. Now if Apple will just give us split-screen and Pencil support, this thing will be a real killer.

I didn’t trust the rumors of orientation-limited Face ID and a re-located Smart Connector earlier in the week, and the similar responses from some reliable Apple sources since then made me feel like these reports will ultimately prove to be false. Anyone remember the many reports TouchID on the back of the iPhone X last year? They proved to have absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever. I am betting that CAD image that made the rounds earlier in the week will prove completely false, as well.

That said, what a difference a few days makes. These new reports are very reliable and show be the beginning of a flood of new information on the size, shape, and features of the new iPhones and iPads. The real silly season is here!

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