We Really Could Have Used Apple Tiles a Week Ago

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While I know that other tracking titles have been out on the market for a while, I have been holding out for Apple’s since I heard they may be coming out earlier this year. The fact that they will work with the Find My app I already have (formerly Find My iPhone, updated in iOS 13) and leverage all other connected Apple devices to locate lost items makes such a product more attractive to me than other alternatives. I just wish they had come out this Spring when they were initially rumored.

I have good reason. Unfortunately, my oldest got bit by the lost wallet bug last week. He’s normally really good about keeping track of it and his keys, but this can happen to anyone. All it takes is dropping it unexpectedly or one second of absent-mindedness and a small item like that can be lost forever. Thankfully, it looks like he didn’t lose it in public, as no one has been out using his cards or ID, but it is still a gigantic pain anytime you lose these items. Unfortunately, he even had his Social Security Card in there, which is even worse.

This is exactly the kind of thing you don’t think about until it happens to you. I felt the exact same way when I misplaced my iPhone last Summer, and it isn’t lost on me that I was able to track it down quickly using Find My iPhone on my iPad Pro and my wife’s iPhone. Now my son knows that same feeling all too well. Whether it’s your wallet, keys, money clip, etc, any similar kind of small personal item, any time they go missing, it’s like a little piece of you is gone. It’s the kind of thing that will just irritate you to no end.

After my brush with losing my iPhone last year and my son losing his wallet last week, I am completely on board with getting enough of Apple’s coming tiles to cover my family’s collective wallets, school backpacks and keys. Considering the time and effort involved in getting everything back in order after losing one of these, it will be worth making sure our most portable personal items are covered and can be more easily found if misplaced. As long as they aren’t outrageously priced (you never know with Apple), my family will be all-in after they are released.

Are you looking forward to Apple’s new tiles? Do you already use an existing product? If so, let me know in the Comments section below, on our Facebook page, on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog, on Instagram, or on our Flipboard magazine. I would love to hear from you.

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