Will Apple’s New Noise Cancelling Headphones Be Arriving At WWDC?

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Two weeks ago it was looking very much like Apple’s new AirPods Studio over the ear noise cancelling headphones would be arriving soon. I wrote about this at the time and was feeling pretty good about my recent prediction that they would land right before WWDC. I’m not feeling so confident about that call today, as there has been radio silence on this highly anticipated item ever sense.

Judging by last year, I thought an impending release would likely mean a press release sometime this week. Apple will often release a few unrelated devices in the leadup to another event. Considering that WWDC is focused on developers and usually runs pretty long just covering OS updates and software, I assumed that Apple would not choose that event for such a release. Sure, Apple has unveiled hardware during the Keynote several times, but it’s usually something devs will be directly interested in. That really doesn’t apply to headphones.

Since the WWDC Keynote is mid-day on Monday and Apple never does releases on a weekend, we are now only left with Friday and Monday morning before the event. Friday hardware releases are common, but Apple stays away from burying announcements at the end of a weekly tech news cycle. That just leaves Monday morning before the Keynote and, while this is more likely than a Friday announcement, I still have my doubts. I don’t think they will want anything taking the focus away from such a big event.

So if Apple doesn’t pull a fast one and reveal their new headphones during the WWDC Keynote, that means we could be waiting on the AirPods Studio for a while yet. Even though a reliable leaker said they were at the final stage before shipping out two weeks ago, that doesn’t guarantee that Apple is ready to unveil them yet. They aren’t going to muddy the waters and reveal the Studios right after the show. They will almost certainly want the software updates and features announced at WWDC to dominate the tech headlines for a couple of weeks.

I’m still holding out hope that the AirPods Studio get announced next Monday. If not, I just hope we aren’t waiting until iPhone release time this Fall to get them. Hopefully Apple will still turn their new noise cancelling cans loose sometime in July. Who knows? Maybe Apple will combine this release with the rumored iPad Air refresh and the long-predicted AirTags. They do love to group smaller releases and that would be a good way for the company to snag a few headlines and sales before the larger releases to come later in the year.

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