Gurman is Back to Give Us Some of the Goods on iPadOS 15

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I guess spoiling a future iPad Pro with a glass back a few days ago wasn’t good enough for Mark Gurman. Today he’s back to spill more beans on iPadOS 15 two days ahead of Apple’s WWDC Keynote. Like I said yesterday, it’s all part of the game when it comes to Apple leaks.

First of all, today’s report is actually Gurman’s second on iPadOS 15. The first came on April 22nd, when he predicted that Apple will be opening up the use of Widgets across the iPad’s Home Screen this year. It was kind of expected after that same capability arrived on the iPhone last year, but it was good to hear it confirmed by a reputable source.

Today, Gurman is back with a new report revealing another key detail about iPadOS 15. It sounds like the biggest change that’s coming will be multitasking improvements. Gurman doesn’t deliver any real specifics, but he does say that Apple wants to “make it easier to operate multiple apps at the same time,” and wants to “attract more advanced users.”

If this is correct, it sounds like Apple has been listening to some of the complaints coming from iPad Pro power users and taking them to heart. Personally, I love that the iPad Pro has multitasking capabilities and can run apps together in a couple of different ways. It’s definitely an improvement in function over the old days when it was one app at a time, no matter what. However, while multitasking on iPadOS delivers in function, the form is pretty rough around the edges. I would love to see Apple put some effort into smoothing them out.

So, we have Widgets being set free and multitasking getting an overhaul. Both are on a lot of WWDC request lists, so I think there will be many happy iPad users, especially Pro users. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard about enhanced remote display support yet, which is at the top of my wishlist, as well as many others. In fact, there really haven’t been any other leaks regarding iPadOS.

Maybe we will also get the Notifications enhancements that Gurman has predicted for iOS, as well. However, after the way that Apple handled Widget support differently between its OSs last year, that is far from assured. Anything else is just conjecture, at this point.

The good news is that, if Gurman is right (and he usually is), then Apple is poised to deliver a major new update to iPadOS. It seems to be an every other year thing at this point, and if that’s the case, then we are due for a nice haul this year.

The really good news: we only have a day and a half to wait before we know.


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