Apple May Switch the Apple Watch to microLED Displays Next Year

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Apple has been kicking the tires on next-gen microLED displays for a few years now. If you keep up with the company, that shouldn’t come as any surprise. While they may not be the first to roll out new technologies and materials, they are definitely working with them and planning for when the time will be right to release them in new products. When it comes to microLED, it looks like that time may be next year.

According to the Economic Daily News, Apple is in advanced negotiations with Taiwanese display manufacturers to add microLED displays to their 2020 Apple Watch. This sounds realistic, since Apple has reportedly been experimenting with this tech for a while. It also lines up with a typical release cadence, as Apple just redesigned the Watch hardware for Series 4 last year. The 2019 Series 5 will likely use the same design with upgraded internals and a focus on software.

While Apple trotting out the same design this year doesn’t necessarily rule out going with a newer screen, there are specific reasons why they want to use microLED. First off, it requires a lot less power, making Watch battery life better. Also, this new screen will allow for thinner and lighter designs, making it ideal for use in a redesigned Apple Watch.

So hopefully it all works out for microLED next year, as that should mean a thinner and lighter device with as good or better battery life. Sounds good to me. We should have a pretty good idea between the end of this year and early next year, as supply chain rumors should start to leak out as prototypes make the rounds and testing and production begins.

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