The Apple Watch Series 5 May Have an Exciting New Health Feature

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Photo Source: Mr-white on Twitter

While this picture doesn’t appear to tell us a lot, the tweet that it was associated might. If correct, it could mark a significant advancement for smartwatch health and wellness monitoring.

According to Jacob Seigel of BGR, a Twitter leaker  named Mr-white with a decent reputation is predicting that Apple will bring blood pressure monitoring to the Apple Watch Series 5. Here is the Tweet in question:

Again, these pictures don’t tell us anything, but a leaker with any credibility isn’t going to float this balloon unless he feels pretty certain that the information is correct. If he is right, then maybe the Apple Watch Series 5 won’t be such a mundane update after all.

Along with stick-less glucose monitoring, adding blood pressure monitoring to a smartwatch without significantly changing its shape and size is a Holy Grail achievement on the health and wellness side of things. The EKG feature that was included with the Series 4 was an advance that has helped several users diagnose atrial fibrillation. However, by design, it is a feature that will only benefit a certain number of users. With high blood pressure at record levels across the US, built-in blood pressure monitoring would have far wider application and impact.

Mr-white didn’t drop any hits as to how Apple would be doing blood pressure monitoring using the same Watch form factor. Typically, connected monitors have inflatable wrist or arm cuffs, which make them far bulkier than a smartwatch. I have ReliOn Bluetooth monitor that I use to read my BP on a regular basis and sync to the Health app on my iPhone. Thankfully, my BP is only slightly elevated now (after some work on my part), so if I could get a reading that’s in the ballpark from a device I wear everyday on my wrist, then I would be all for it.

I don’t think there is any doubt that integrated blood pressure monitoring that is relatively accurate would be a big hit and drive sales of the Apple Watch Series 5 higher. Now we just have to find out if this interesting rumor from Mr-white is actually true. We have less than two weeks to wait for an answer!

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