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Based in the UK I love making photos and music. I'm a new convert to the world of iPad (I have recently sold my laptop) and I'm diving head first into portable computing. I've been a professional photographer for many years and have been amazed at the breadth of photography and music apps available in the App Store. My aim here is to offer straight forward reviews that cut through the waffle and get to the heart of what apps can do. I enjoy reading, films, making electronic music and jogging myself ragged. You can listen to some of my tunes at www.facebook.com/fatbenjamin

Review: Musyc for iPad

Musyc by Fingerlab is an exciting, fun and unusual music creation app that offers new ways to draw and construct compositions on your iPad or iPhone.

I often find myself backing into the same old familiar patterns when it comes to writing music.  We all have our favourite chords and song structures and sometimes it’s too easy to start pulling these old friends out for another spin around the block.  So for me an app like Musyc by Fingerlab is something of a revelation.

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