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Yahoo Weather for iPad Updated: New Animated Effects

Yahoo Weather for iPad

The Yahoo Weather iPad app was recently updated, to Version 1.6.5. It’s a nice little update to a very nice iPad weather app.

The star features of this update are new animated effects for lightning and frost, and updated designs for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

I’ve seen other iPad weather apps with some great weather animations, but I love how Yahoo Weather combines those with actual stunning photos of my lovely hometown.

If you haven’t already checked this app out on your iPad, then you might want to take a look at my review of Yahoo Weather for iPad.

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Sponsor Thanks: Mobile Cloth


My thanks to Mobile Cloth for being a site sponsor again this week. I’ve been using them for years now and they’re still the best, fastest cleaning cloths for my iPad and all my other touch-screen devices. I always have at least one with me at work, and usually both sizes.

These really do make a cool stocking stuffer type gift for any of your friends or family with iPads, iPhone, mobile devices, and cameras that need to be kept clean and germ-free.

And there’s an iPad Insight reader discount code to use too:

Use promo code: CANE and receive 30% Off and Free Shipping on all orders over $15 at

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iPad Art: The Majestic Forgiver

Majectic Forgiver iPad Painting

Lions are certainly among the more powerful animals on earth, and I have to say this iPad painting is almost powerful and striking enough to stand comparison with a lion.

It’s titled ‘The majestic forgiver’ and is the work of Woon Tien David Chong. Here are the artist’s own words on this iPad painting:

“The majestic forgiver.” Original iPad finger painting done on Procreate app. Reference to photo found on Google for the lion.
Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

You can see more of Woon Tien David Chong’s work at his Facebook page.

If you feel inspired to check out more great iPad paintings, then take a wander through our own iPad Art section.

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Apple’s Email Promo of iPad as Holiday Gift

iPad Holiday Gift

Apple is promoting the iPad as a holiday gift with the slogan “From one gift come many”.  It’s an excellent strapline to highlight how versatile the iPad is, and the accompanying text expands on the idea:

Let them prepare a feast. Choreograph a recital. Organize a toy drive. And take their entire songbook caroling. Give them iPad this holiday and they’ll do more than they ever imagined.

I really like this promo – the slogan is great and the very short body text for the promo mail is perfect. Looking at the image and reading that text lets you immediately think of what your child, your significant other, or a close friend could do with an iPad.

Nicely done Apple.

Is an iPad on your shopping list for anyone this year?

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iPad App of the Week: New MSN Apps

MSN Sports iPad app

Who doesn’t like great iPad apps? At iPad Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPad app, or a few great iPad apps, here each week.

Our weekly picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every Saturday. Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is 5 new (free) MSN apps for iPad and iOS – MSN Sports, MSN News, MSN Health & Fitness, MSN Money, and MSN Food & Drink.

It’s great to see Microsoft accelerating its efforts to bring more of its software to iOS (and Android too with these 5 new apps) – and these look like quite good little free apps.

[click to continue reading…]

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Deals: The NES30 Bluetooth Controller: A Gaming Classic, Reinvented for Use with iOS and Android

Game Your Face Off Like It’s 1985 With This High Quality, Reprogrammable Bluetooth Game Pad Today’s featured deal is one for old-school gamers or new-school gamers with a taste for trying out a reinvented version of a classic gaming device. It’s the NES30 Bluetooth Controller, on offer for $29.99 – 25% off its standard $40 […]

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New iPad TV Ad Is Titled ‘Change’

The latest new TV ad for the iPad hit the TV airwaves yesterday during yesterday’s NFL games. It’s called change and it’s a minute-long, fast-paced mashup of a range of different apps being put to use on the new iPad Air 2. Here’s the text that accompanies the ad on the Apple site’s page for […]

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iPad Art: Tres Corazones Azules

‘Tres Corazones Azules’, or Three Blue Hearts, is the title of today’s featured iPad painting. It’s the work of another of our favorite iPad artists, Albert Viladrosa. The piece was created with the Paper by FiftyThree app. The sub-title for it is ‘Diseño para una almohada’ – which I think is design for a pillow, […]

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