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iOS 8 *Does* Allow Paypal as a Payment Method, Even If the App Store Says It Doesn’t

iOS 8 App Store

Last Wednesday night I installed the iOS 8 GM (gold master) build on my testing iPad mini. The GM should be identical or very near identical to the public release of iOS 8 coming this Wednesday. It took a while to get installed due to some issues with iTunes on my iMac, and then once I did I immediatley hit an awkward problem.

When I tried to download a new app in the App Store I was greeted by a message telling me that Paypal was not an accepted payment method on this version of iOS, and recommending that I go to iTunes on a PC in order to rectify the situation.

That sounded like nonsense to me, largely because I’ve seen similar messages stating that Paypal won’t be accepted on the App Store over the years, and they have always turned out to be untrue. So I chose to ignore this one and see what happened after a restart of the iPad and just leaving it alone for a while. I had installed the GM late one evening anyway, so I figured I’d just reboot and see what was up the next day.

And sure enough, the next day everything was fine and back to normal in the App Store on this iPad. I could buy new apps, make In-App purchases, and use the App Store just as I always have – without making any adjustment to Paypal as my payment method.

I don’t know whether this will turn out to be just a little glitch in the GM or whether it’s just Apple continuing to press people to add to the hundreds of millions of credit cards numbers it can throw up on screen in presentations.

In any case, I hope this may help some of you out if you happen to get a warning about Paypal not being accepted on iOS 8.

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iPad Art: Godzilla

Godzilla iPad painting

Another wonderful iPad painting by Rafael Co is our featured iPad artwork today. This one is titled simply ‘Godzilla’ and it’s a great side profile take on the big fella.

I’d even go so far as to say it’s a monstrously good portrait.  I’m a huge fan of Raffy’s always striking and often funny images – and I especially like when he features monsters in his work.

You can see lots more great iPad artwork from Raffy (and monsters galore) at his Rafael Co Flickr stream.

And of course you can enjoy the work of many superb iPad artists at our own iPad Art section.

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Deals: LithiumCard: The Wallet Sized HyperCharging Power Bank


On this fine fall Saturday, our featured iPad Insight deal is LithiumCard: The Wallet Sized Hyper-Charging Power Bank – on offer at $39.99, which is 27% off its standard price of $55.

This is a credit-card sized and super-slim hyper-charger that’s a far less bulky option for always having some spare battery juicing power around for our iOS devices.

Here’s a little intro to the LithiumCard and some of its top features:


The LithiumCard Portable HyperCharger has all the cables you need, generates the power of a wall charger, and at only 5 credit cards thick it will fit in most wallets with a luxurious billet aluminum housing.

With its HyperCharging technology, the LithiumCard pumps up to 2 amps of power to charge your device FAST, at up to 1% of battery life per minute. 15 minutes of charging equals a 15% increase in battery life. It’s that quick and easy!

The design is beautiful and fits in nearly any wallet, so you can carry it on the go no matter where you are. Plus, the intuitive design features all-inclusive cables which flip out when you need them, giving you a smooth feeling power unit that can be stored and used at a moments notice.

  • HyperCharging capabilities. Up to 2 amps of charging power
  • All inclusive cable design, Flip out the USB charging and lightning cable
  • Simultaneous charging capabilities to charge the LithiumCard and your device if necessary
  • Comes with NanoStik pad to keep the charger stuck to your device if your wallet doesn’t work
  • 1200mAh of capacity
  • Ultra-thin credit card design

You can see lots more detail on it (including a demo video) and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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SwiftKey Keyboard Coming to iOS 8 as Soon as Next Week

SwiftKey Keyboard, one of the more well-known and well-liked Android keyboards, will be making its way to iOS 8 very soon. In fact, according to Venture Beat it may be available when iOS 8 launches next week.

SwiftKey’s most notable features include predictive text and intelligent autocorrect, and it looks like it will be one of the first big name keyboards to come to the iPad and iPhone.

The video above is narrated by ‘British national treasure’ Stephen Fry, it’s beautifully done but doesn’t do the greatest job in actually showing off SwiftKey.

I’m as happy as anyone to see 3rd party keyboards finally make it to iOS, and I really can’t wait to see Swype and )hopefully) Google Keyboard hit the App Store.

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No iPad Announcements at Yesterday’s Apple Event, and I’m Glad of That


So, Apple’s big September 9 ‘Wish we could say more’ event has come and gone – and the rumors that we might see a new iPad announced at the event proved false. And I’m happy the iPad was not featured at this event.

I’m happy about it for a couple of reasons. The first one is a purely selfish one – I had a hectic work day yesterday and had no time at all to watch the live stream of the event or even follow any live blogs – I just had to catch up in the late afternoon and may get round to watching the event tonight.

My bigger reason is that if a new iPad had been announced yesterday I think it would have played third fiddle – behind the new iPhones and the Apple Watch. Those were clearly the big focus of the event, and a new iPad would have been almost an afterthought for many if presented alongside those.

Instead, we’ll soon see the new iPad or iPads get their own moment in the sun next month – assuming Apple follows last year’s routine on their new mobile device announcements.

I don’t expect there to be many revolutionary changes to the iPad line this year, but I’m still looking forward to seeing what the next gen will bring – and now we don’t have long to wait.

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iPad Art: Don’t Let Go

Today’s featured iPad painting is from a new iPad artist that I hadn’t been aware of before – Indy Sidhu. The painting is titled ‘Don’t Let Go’, and here are the artist’s brief notes on it: Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone in Gravity. Finger/stylus drawing done on the Apple App Store iPad application ‘ProCreate.’ […]

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