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What to do if you lost or forgot your iPad passcode


So you created an awesome passcode for your iPad.  You were extremely proud of this passcode, too.  For once, you selected one that wasn’t a birthday, or anniversary or special day that was easy to remember.  You finally listened to all the published articles about how important it is to use arbitrary info with a combination of numbers _and_ letters.  However, for some reason one day you simply forgot it or lost the “cheat-sheet” you typically use to save all your passwords?  For the sake of this tutorial, let’s just assume that you didn’t set-up Touch-ID, no one else knows your code, and you have no other known way to retrieve it.  Now what?

After that sixth time of entering the wrong code, your iPad is now disabled, and you are locked out.  No worries yet–if you just remembered your passcode, you can try again in one minute.  However, if you enter the wrong code one more time–you will now have to wait an additional 5 minutes to try once again.  For the sake of expediency, let’s assume this is where your passcode game ends.  Now you’re locked out of your iPad for good–right?  Now what options do you have–if any?

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