Best Free iPad App of the Week: Bet You Didn’t Know

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Bet You Didn't Know iPad app

One of the best things about using an iPad is all the great apps that we can run on it. There are excellent apps for just about any purpose you can think of. Better still, there are lots of great free apps for the iPad. Our Best Free iPad App of the Week posts highlight these apps.

This week’s pick is Bet You Didn’t Know, an app that offers a collection of surprising and interesting facts that are inspired by the upcoming History Channel series ‘Mankind The Story of All of Us’. The App Store page for the app offers a couple of these facts as tasters:

Bet you didn’t know this:
In ancient Rome, gladiators were so popular that their sweat was collected, bottled and sold as an aphrodisiac, and some women even used it in their beauty products.
Or this:
A U.S. nickel weighs approximately 5 grams. That’s the same weight as the average hummingbird.

Bet You Didn't Know iPad app

The facts, which are curated by the History team, are genuinely interesting and presented as bite-sized chunks in a very simple and friendly ‘flip clock’ interface. You can just flip through them randomly or filter them by category so you focus in one or more categories that interest you most. Categories include: Ancient World, Arts, Food, Government, Money, Science, Technology, and War. All of those and others are packed with fun facts – from female gladiators …

Bet You Didn't Know iPad app

To traffic in Rome …

Bet You Didn't Know iPad app

To, ah, gin and tonic …


You can also just shake the iPad to bring up a new fact.

The Featured Content of the app offers an excellent sneak peek at the Mankind The Story of All of Us – with background on the series and its companion book and graphic novel, a cool infographic on pyramids around the world, and a good set of preview videos of the series.

Bet You Didn't Know iPad app

Bet You Didn't Know iPad app

The app lets you save facts as favorites and share them via Facebook, Twitter, and email. It does show a number of banner ads for the TV series and its sponsor, but I haven’t found these to be too intrusive.

Here’s an App Store link for Bet You Didn’t Know.

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  1. Sean,, great site ,very helpful and great recommendations,, I am trying to get Bet You Didn’t Know but the App store doesn’t recognise it or can’t find it. I am on Aol UK can I register for the iTunes /App store in the USA as we miss out here in the UK for some great Apps.

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