Best Free iPad App of the Week: Google Maps

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Google Maps iPad app

Great apps and a huge selection of great apps are a big part of what makes the iPad such an amazing device. There are excellent apps for just about any purpose you can think of – from serious productivity to pure entertainment. Better still, there are lots of great free apps for the iPad. Our Best Free iPad App of the Weekposts highlight these apps.

This week’s pick is Google Maps, easily the best maps app for the iPad and iOS. I don’t know the ins and outs of why Apple ever chose to drop Google Maps and create their own Maps app – but I do know that at least for now Google’s app is far superior in just about every way.

Here are just a few of the slick features in Google Maps:

Comprehensive, accurate maps in 200 countries and useful information on over 100 million places worldwide.
● Get where you need to go quickly with voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, or try public transit, biking and walking directions
● Find the perfect spot for any occasion with local reviews from trusted friends and experts
● Tour cities with stunning, 360-degree Street View and see inside restaurants, museums and more
● Sign in to save favorite locations, get tailored recommendations, and access past searches across devices

Google Maps Route

The iPad version of the app was just released 10 days ago, and it is very impressive and a real pleasure to use. These are some of the features added along with the new iPad version:

● Enhanced navigation including live traffic updates and incident reports
● Explore: A new way to browse and discover popular local places to eat, drink, shop, play and sleep
● Simple 5-star ratings and reviews from friends, plus expert Zagat content
● Great deals from your favorite brands with Google Offers
● Indoor maps with walking directions for malls, transit stations, airports and more

The new Explore feature is excellent and the amount of information and reviews you get on places of interest throughout the app is superb.


Apple Store in Google Maps

Google Maps is one of my favorite and most used apps across all my devices. It’s great for directions and navigation and even just for finding a local business and their contact information very quickly.

Here’s an App Store link for Google Maps.

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2 thoughts on “Best Free iPad App of the Week: Google Maps”

  1. I’m in Thailand at the moment and, when I try to get directions locally, Google Maps shows them in Thai. This sucks for 3 reasons:

    1. There is no toggle to change to English.
    2. Thais do not use maps. Sounds funny, but they don’t and so they have no use for Google-or any-Maps.
    3. 25 million people visit Thailand every year and they can’t read Thai, so Google Maps is just useless.

    I hope that Google fixes this ridiculous auto-detect problem fast!

  2. Best App? Maybe, but definitely not for free. You pay with your data. In the old Google Maps they still had local POI storage, now you are forced to login to your Google Account online.

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