Best Free iPad App of the Week: NBA Game Time Courtside

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NBA Game Time Courtside for iPad

Who doesn’t like free? And who doesn’t like great iPad apps? When the two come together it’s good stuff. With that in mind, we’d like to share our Best Free iPad App of the Week here every weekend.

This week’s pick is NBA Game Time Courtside, the NBA’s official app for the iPad – updated for the current season and chock full of great content showcasing the best basketball players on the planet.  Here are some of its best features:

•Live team and player stats
•In-progress video highlights from around the league
•Full game video recaps
•Unique game visualizations featuring real-time shot charts and more
•League statistics and schedule information
•Live Ticker: the latest news from
•Performance Info – This is the first product to give fans easy access to team performance during a game. See real-time shooting percentages and performance by zones on the court, know each team’s stat leaders, box scores, and quarterly play-by-play action.
• Live Court View – Know who’s on court at every moment and see substitutions happen live. Plus, see individual shooting with the live shot chart.
•Standings – Keep up to date on league standings for conference, division and the whole NBA.
•Access to Live NBA regular season games through your NBA League Pass (Blackout restrictions apply) Broadband subscription – simply click setting, click League Pass and enter your NBA League Pass Broadband Screen name and password.

NBA Game Time Courtside

I’m a big NBA fan and I believe this is actually a bit of a golden era for the league. I can’t remember a time when there have been so many superstars in the league at one time as there are now. Or such amazing athletes. Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant and lots of others make the game must-see entertainment and regularly leave me shaking my head in amazement at the plays they make.

NBA Game Time Courtside provides a great window on all the best action in the NBA. It’s got a basic interface that’s easy to get around and a great mix of content. From simple things like standings for each conference and the league as a whole to a cool Live Court view that shows you who’s on court right now in live, ongoing games. In this view you can tap on the cards representing the players to see a little profile information as well as their career and season stats.

It’s also got performance zones, scoring zones, and a shot chart by quarter  – for those of you who are coaches or just enjoy really analyzing the game in depth.

NBA Game Time Courtside 

NBA Game Time Courtside

The Live Ticker that scrolls along the bottom of the screen is another cool feature – that alerts on the latest breaking NBA news.

My favorite part of the app is all the great video content. This comes in several sections: Nightly Notable, Game Recaps, NBA TV, Daily Zap, Plays of the Night, Daily Top 10, and TNT Overtime. There is just tons of good video to watch and it is well organized by date. I can spend ages watching plays of the night and all the best of day dunks, blocks, assists and more. The Sounds of the Game videos are also among my favorites.

NBA Game Time Courtside


I also really enjoy the arena link postgame interviews with key players.


The Game Recaps section gives you quick 2-3 minutes highlights from all the games around the league each day, and for about ten days back from the current day. The Daily Zap is a highlights compilation of all the games’ highlights rolled into one.

The videos by default play at a small-ish size in the middle of a page, but can easily be toggled to full screen. The app has AirPlay video support, though that’s not working very well for me currently.

If you have an NBA League Pass you can always tune into to live games within the app.

I find this a very nice companion app even when I’m watching NBA games on TV – even if it’s just for watching a few great highlights during the commercial breaks. If you’re an NBA fan, this is a must-have app for the iPad.

Here’s an App Store link for NBA Game Time Courtside.

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4 thoughts on “Best Free iPad App of the Week: NBA Game Time Courtside”

  1. This is a great app, no mistake. But there are a couple of big caveats.

    1) Not all broadband providers have NBA League Pass. Comcast does not. This means you can’t watch games live on this app.

    2) To further confuse things, there is something called NBA League Pass Mobile, that you can purchase online, but does not work with this app.

    If your cable provider does not have the NBA League Pass Broadband option, you can watch live games by purchasing the NBA League Pass Mobile online, then get the NBA Game Time app for the iPhone, and put it on your iPad.

    So there are two similar options to view live NBA games: NBA League Pass Broadband and NBA League Pass Mobile. Broadband is purchased from your cable provider and that login works with the app that is reviewed in this article: NBA Game Time Courtside. The Mobile option is purchased online and only works with the iPhone app: NBA Game Time.

    1. Thanks for sharing that info. I’ve never had the NBA League Pass, so I wasn’t aware of that. It does sound very messy.

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